Affliction Clothing History

Affliction is a clothing and entertainment company associated with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA,) boxing and rock stars. The company started out with "skull and crossbones" influenced designs on a variety of clothing items from t-shirts and sweatshirts all the way to denim jeans and even some jewelry.

The company works with rockers like Ozzy Osbourne and MMA fighters like Randy Couture and George St. Pierre to create designs and market to specific fanbases. Like many companies affiliated with MMA, the story of Affliction can't be told without also including Dana White and the UFC.

Affliction brand clothing was banned by the UFC during its pay-per-view events after it was rumored that Affliction wanted to get into the fight promotion business. Affliction had been a sponsor of the UFC and many UFC fighters donned the Affliction brand on their clothing and also on their banners that hang in their corners during pre-fight announcements and fighter introductions. The move by Affliction to become a direct competitor with the UFC must not have sat well with Dana White as he put the ban in effect. The ban was very controversial amongst UFC fans and MMA journalists and bloggers. The banning of Affliction effected some of the UFC's biggest draws including Randy Couture, Georges St. Pierre, and Dana White's good friend Chuck Liddell. In addition, the ban occurred with very little fanfare. There was no official announcement, and rumors swirled as the brand was noticeably absent during UFC 80.

Affliction Entertainment, an independent branch of the Affliction company, did in fact promote two MMA events before folding. The first, Affliction: Banned, was headlined by Fedor Emelianenko facing former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia. Fedor submitted Sylvia promptly in the first round after 36 seconds of action. In the second pay-per-view, Affliction: Day of Reckoning, Fedor again headlined the event defeating Andrei Arlovski. The third pay-per-view is where the world came crashing down for Affliction Entertainment.

Their third event, Trilogy, was going to feature Fedor Emelianenko defending his championship belt against former UFC fighter Josh Barnett. Before the event, the California State Athletic Commission announced that they would not license Josh Barnett due to detecting a banned substance. After scrambling to replace Barnett the event was eventually cancelled. Affliction must have been burning up their phone lines during this time period. After finally cancelling the event, Affliction announced that they would cease fight promotions and were returning as a sponsor of the UFC and their fighters.

At that time, the ban on the Affliction brand at UFC pay-per-view events was obviously lifted. Affliction also maintains some sub-brands and affiliated companies. A specific line of clothing was created around Randy Couture called Xtreme Couture.

Also, Affliction has created a line of clothing specifically designed for women called Sinful. Sinful markets to women with their line of jeans, tank tops, baby tees and even swim wear. Affliction is a company that knows how to market itself. They may have fumbled with their attempt to become a fight promoter, but with their affiliations with rock stars and fighters, they show no signs of dropping in popularity.

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– Justin Writer

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