MMA Fighter Bios & Past Odds

Fans and Betters
Here you will find old fight odds for previous events for specified fighters. This will help you with you continued betting efforts to see their previous records, basic biography information and past fights.You can click on the name to see how the fighter has progressed. Fighters win/loss records may not be fully accurate but we strive to keep the profiles updated. Weight and other variables of the fighter profiles are subject to change.

24011- Fight Goes Over 18 Min

24011- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24012- Fight Goes Under 18 Min

24012- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24015- Fight Goes Over 4 Min

24015- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24016- Fight Goes Under 4 Min

24016- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24019- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24020- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24023- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24024- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24101- Fight Goes Over 18 Min

24102- Fight Goes Under 18 Min

24105- Fight Goes Over 14 Min

24106- Fight Goes Under 14 Min

24109- Fight Goes Over 8 Min

24110- Fight Goes Under 8 Min

24113- Fight Goes Over 8 Min

24114- Fight Goes Under 8 Min

24117- Fight Goes Over 6 Min

24118- Fight Goes Under 6 Min

24151- Fight Goes Over 11 Min

24151- Fight Goes Under 11 Min

24155- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24155- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24159- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24159- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24163- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24163- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24167- Fight Goes Over 9 Min

24167- Fight Goes Under 9 Min

24201- Fight Goes Over 17 Min

24201- Fight Goes Under 17 Min

24205- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24205- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24206-fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24209- Fight Goes Over 11 Min

24209- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24209- Fight Goes Under 11 Min

24210- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24213- Fight Goes Over 11½ Min

24213- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24213- Fight Goes Unde 11½min

24214- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24217- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24217- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24218- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24301- Fight Goes Over 4-min

24301- Fight Goes Under 4-min

24305- Fight Goes Over 8½-min

24305- Fight Goes Under 8½-min

24309- Fight Goes Over 14-min

24309- Fight Goes Under 14-min

24313- Fight Goes Over 4-min

24313- Fight Goes Under 4-min

24317- Fight Goes Over 8½-min

24317- Fight Goes Under 8½-min

24351- Fight Goes Over 13 Min

24351- Fight Goes Under 13 Min

24355- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24355- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24359- Fight Goes Over 4 Min

24359- Fight Goes Under 4 Min

24363- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24363- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24367- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24367- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24371- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24371- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24395- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24395- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24401- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24402- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24501- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24501- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24505- Fight Goes Over 3½ Min

24505- Fight Goes Under 3½ Min

24509- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24509- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

2451- Fight Goes Over 17 Min

24513- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

24513- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

24517- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

2452- Fight Goes Under 17 Min

2455- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

2456- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

2459- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

2460- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

2463- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

2464- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

2467- Fight Goes Over 8½ Min

2468- Fight Goes Under 8½ Min

A Sarnavskiy

A Sol Kwon

Aaron Derrow

Aaron Miller

Aaron Neveu

Aaron Phillips

Aaron Riley

Aaron Rosa

Aaron Simpson

Aaron Wilkinson

Abe Wagner

Abe/and -over

Abe/and -under

Abedi/alves -over

Abedi/alves -under

Abel Cullum

Abel Trujillo

Adam Cella

Adam Lynn

Adam Mcdonough

Adam Schindler

Adlan Amagov

Adriano Martins

Adz/sau -over

Adz/sau -under

Agu/fuj -over

Agu/fuj -under

Ailton Barbosa

Aisling Daly

Aj Matthews

Akaya Hamasaki

Akbarh Arreola

Akihiro Gono

Akira Corassani

Akira Corrasani

Akira Corrasani

Akitoshi Tamura

Akiy/shie -over

Akiy/shie -under

Akiyo Nishiura

Akop Stepanyan

Al Iaquinta

Alan Belcher

Alan Johnston

Alan Jouban

Alan Nascimento

Alan Omer

Alan Patrick

Alan Philpott

Alb/jor -over

Alb/jor -under

Alb/menj -over

Alb/menj -under

Albert Cheng

Albert Tumenov

Alberto Mina

Alc/pra -over

Alc/pra -under

Alcant/fab -over

Alcant/fab -under

Alcant/omiga -over

Alcant/omiga -under

Ale/boc -over

Ale/boc -under

Ale/bro -over

Ale/bro -under

Ale/mat -over

Ale/mat -under

Ale/rol -over

Ale/rol -under

Alejandro Perez

Alejandro Villalobos

Aleksandra Albu

Alessio Sakara

Alex Caceres

Alex Chambers

Alex Cisne

Alex Corassani

Alex Enlund

Alex Garcia

Alex Huddleston

Alex Morono

Alex Oliveira

Alex Soto

Alex White

Alexa Grasso

Alexander Butenko

Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Sarnavskiy

Alexander Sarnavsky

Alexander Shlemenko

Alexander Torres

Alexander Volkov

Alexander Yakovlev

Alexandre Bezerra

Alexandre Ferreira

Alexis Davis

Alexis Dufresne

Alexis Vila

Ali Arish

Ali Bagautinov

Ali Maclean

Ali Mokdad

Ali/par -over

Ali/par -under

Alida Gray

Alistair Overeem

Aljamain Sterling

Allan Love

Allanna Jones

Allen Hope

Allo/cumm -over

Allo/cumm -under

Alonzo Martinez

Alp Ozkilic

Alptekin Ozkilic

Alv/kam -over

Alv/kam -under

Alves/kampmann Goes To Dec

Alves/kampmann Wont Go To Dec

Alvin Cacdac

Alvin Robinson

Ama/sau -over

Ama/sau -under

Amag/lawl -over

Amag/lawl -under

Amanda Bell

Amanda Nunes

Amb/wee -over

Amb/wee -under

Ambr/rick -over

Ambr/rick -under

Amilcar Alves

Amir Sadollah

Amo/ask -over

Amo/ask -under

Amo/bak -over

Amo/bak -under

Amo/loz -over

Amo/loz -under

And/car -over

And/car -under

And/mach -over

And/mach -under

Anderson "braddock" Silva

Anderson Silva

Andre Fili

Andre Harrison

Andre Santos

Andre Winner

Andrea K. Lee

Andreas Bernhard

Andreas Kraniotakes

Andreas Spang

Andreas Stahl

Andrei Arlovski

Andrew Benibe

Andrew Buckland

Andrew Carrillo

Andrew Craig

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Todhunter

Andrew Whitney

Andrey Koreshkov

Andria Wawro

Andrie Arlovski

Andy Enz

Andy Ogle

Andy Uhrich

Andy Wang

Angel Deanda

Angel Huerta

Angela Hill

Angela Magana

Anistavio Medeiros

Anita Rodriguez

Annalisa Bucci

Antanas Jazbutis

Anthony Birchak

Anthony Christodoulou

Anthony Gomez

Anthony Gutierrez

Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Lapsley

Anthony Lemon

Anthony Leone

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Njokuani

Anthony Perosh

Anthony Pettis

Anthony Smith

Anthony Waldburger

Anton Kuivanen

Antoni Chmielewski

Antonio Banuelos

Antonio Braga Neto

Antonio Carlos Jr

Antonio Carlos Junior

Antonio Carvalho

Antonio Castillo Jr

Antonio Dos Santos Jr.

Antonio Mckee

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Antonio Silva

Antony Rea

Antwain Britt

Anying Wang

Anzor Azhiev

Aok/alv -over

Aok/alv -under

Ara/alca -over

Ara/alca -under

Ara/cas -over

Ara/cas -under

Arantes/alcantara -over

Arantes/alcantara -under

Ariel Sexton

Arl/joh -over

Arl/joh -under

Arnaud Lepont

Arni Isaksson

Arnold Allen

Artemij Sitenkov

Artenas Young

Arthur Guseinov

Artiom Damkovsky

Ashlee Evans-smith

Ashleigh Curry

Ashleigh Grimshaw

Asp/spa -over

Asp/spa -under

Assan Njie

Assu/dill -over

Assu/dill -under

Assu/east -over

Assu/east -under

Assu/pear -over

Assu/pear -under

Assuncao/yagin -over

Assuncao/yagin -under

Atanas Djambazev

Attila Vegh

Augusto Montano

Austen Heidlage

Austin Lyons

Ave/mac - Over

Ave/mac - Under

Awa/bro -over

Awa/bro -under

Awa/ric -over

Awa/ric -under

Ayaka Hamasaki

Azamat Gashimov

B.j. Penn

Bac/leo -over

Bac/leo -under

Bac/pie -over

Bac/pie -under

Baczy/brown -over

Baczy/brown -under

Bad/mac -over

Bad/mac -under

Bad/tei -over

Bad/tei -under

Bade/jack -over

Bade/jack -under

Bae Young Kwon

Bae/wee -over

Bae/wee -under

Bah/kim -over

Bah/kim -under

Bah/law -over

Bah/law -under

Bah/thi -over

Bah/thi -under

Bailey/castillo -over

Bailey/castillo -under

Bailey/dunham -over

Bailey/dunham -under

Bak/for -over

Bak/for -under

Bak/lim -over

Bak/lim -under

Bak/sau -over

Bak/sau -under

Bakhtiyar Abbasov

Bao Quach

Bar/del -over

Bar/del -under

Bar/har -over

Bar/har -under

Barb Honchak

Barr/jen -over

Barr/jen -under

Barr/oli -over

Barr/oli -under

Bart Palaszewski

Bartosz Fabinski

Bea/dal -over

Bea/dal -under

Beau Tribolet

Bec Hyatt

Bec Rawlings

Bed/car -over

Bed/car -under

Bed/per -over

Bed/per -under

Bed/via -over

Bed/via -under

Bee/volk -over

Bee/volk -under

Bel/bis -over

Bel/bis -under

Bel/mal -over

Bel/mal -under

Bel/oka -over

Bel/oka -under

Bel/pal -over

Bel/pal -under

Bel/pok -over

Bel/pok -under

Bel/teh -over

Bel/teh -under

Belfort/jones -over

Belfort/jones -under

Beltran/miocic -over

Beltran/miocic -under

Ben Alloway

Ben Askren

Ben Fodor

Ben Henderson

Ben Nguyen

Ben Rothwell

Ben Saunders

Ben Smith

Ben Wall

Ben/bac -over

Ben/bac -under

Bendo/edgar -over

Bendo/edgar -under

Beneil Dariush

Benji Radach

Benoist/riddle -over

Benoist/riddle -under

Benson Henderson

Bentley Syler

Bermud/brand -over

Bermud/brand -under

Bernardo Magalhaes

Besam Yousef

Beth Correia

Bethe Correia

Bez/san -over

Bez/san -under

Bibiano Fernandes

Bill Friday

Bill Kamery

Billy Colon

Billy Evangelista

Billy Vaughan

Bis/bel -over

Bis/bel -under

Bisp/sonn -over

Bisp/sonn -under

Bj Penn

Blagoi Ivanov

Blas Avena

Blo/per -over

Blo/per -under

Bloodworth/east -over

Bloodworth/east -under

Bobby Brents

Bobby Green

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Stack

Bobby Voelker

Boc/dos -over

Boc/dos -under

Boe/lom -over

Boe/lom -under

Boe/mun - Over

Boe/mun - Under

Boe/oka -over

Boe/oka -under

Boetsch/lombard- Goes Distance

Boetsch/lombard- Wont Go Dist

Bola Omoyele

Bon/sil -over

Bon/sil -under

Bonnar/kings -over

Bonnar/kings -under

Bor/bed -over

Bor/bed -under

Borys Mankowski

Bou/new -over

Bou/new -under

Bow/njo -over

Bow/njo -under

Bow/saf -over

Bow/saf -under

Bowles/faber -over

Bowles/faber -under

Bra/fil -over

Bra/fil -under

Brad Cardinal

Brad Pickett

Brad Scott

Brad Tavares

Brad Wheeler

Bradley/pierce -over

Bradley/pierce -under

Brandon Bear

Brandon Bear

Brandon Bender

Brandon Farran

Brandon Girtz

Brandon Halsey

Brandon Hempleman

Brandon Saling

Brandon Sayles

Brandon Thatch

Brandon Vera

Brandon Visher

Braulio Estima

Brayan Rafiq


Brazil No Sweep (6-fights)

Brazil No Sweep (7-fights)

Brazil Sweep (6-fights)

Brazil Sweep (7-fights)

Bre/sil -over

Bre/sil -under

Brendan Kornberger

Brendan Loughnane

Brendan Schaub

Brenn/johnson -over

Brenn/johnson -under

Brennan Ward

Brenson Hansen

Brent Schermerhorn

Brent Weedman

Brett Bassett

Brett Caswell

Brett Cooper

Brett Johns

Brett Rogers

Brett Sizeland

Bri/bla -over

Bri/bla -under

Brian Bowles

Brian Cobb

Brian Davidson

Brian Ebersole

Brian Foster

Brian Houston

Brian Hyslop

Brian Melancon

Brian Moore

Brian Ortega

Brian Rogers

Brian Stann

Brianna Vanburen

Brice Guidon

Brilz/bader -over

Brilz/bader -under

Brimage/hettes -over

Brimage/hettes -under

Bristol Marunde

Bro/mei -over

Bro/mei -under

Bro/oli -over

Bro/oli -under

Bro/over -over

Bro/over -under

Bro/poi -over

Bro/poi -under

Bro/swi -over

Bro/swi -under

Bro/tho -over

Bro/tho -under

Brock Jardine

Brock Larson

Brock Lesnar

Brookins/koch -over

Brookins/koch -under

Brought/browne -over

Brought/browne -under

Broughton/de Fries -over

Broughton/de Fries -under

Bru/leb -over

Bru/leb -under

Bru/mar -over

Bru/mar -under

Bru/sou -over

Bru/sou -under

Bruce Connors

Bruno Carvalho

Bruno Santos

Bryan Baker

Bryan Barberena

Bryan Bloodworth

Bryan Caraway

Bryan Goldsby

Bryan Travers

Bryson Hansen

Buakaw Por. Pramuk

Bubba Jenkins

Bubba Mcdaniel

Buddy Roberts

Bur/fit -over

Bur/fit -under

Bur/sim -over

Bur/sim -under

Bur/vil -over

Bur/vil -under

Burr/thom -over

Burr/thom -under

But/par -over

But/par -under

But/san -over

But/san -under

Byron Bloodworth

C Beebe

C.b. Dollaway

Cac/del -over

Cac/del -under

Cac/pag -over

Cac/pag -under

Cace/figu -over

Cace/figu -under

Caceres/escov -over

Caceres/escov -under

Cain Carrizosa

Cain Not Inside The Distance

Cain Velasquez

Cain Wins Inside The Distance

Caio Magalhaes

Cald/new -over

Cald/new -under

Cam/bor -over

Cam/bor -under

Cam/can -over

Cam/can -under

Cam/cat -over

Cam/cat -under

Cam/cle -over

Cam/cle -under

Cam/gui -over

Cam/gui -under

Cam/kim -over

Cam/kim -under

Cam/pag -over

Cam/pag -under

Cam/rin -over

Cam/rin -under

Cam/sou -over

Cam/sou -under

Camu/ho Kang -over

Camu/ho Kang -under

Cant/fukud -over

Cant/fukud -under

Caol Uno

Car/elk -over

Car/elk Under

Car/for -over

Car/for -under

Car/gag -over

Car/gag -underr

Car/miz -over

Car/miz -under

Car/mizu -over

Car/mizu -under

Car/phi -over

Car/phi -under

Car/pin -over

Car/pin -under

Car/rou -over

Car/rou -under

Car/stee -over

Car/stee -under

Car/wiu -over

Car/wiu -under

Carey Vanier

Cari/san -over

Cari/san -under

Carina Damm

Carl Postma

Carla Esparza

Carlo Prater

Carlos Condit

Carlos Diego Ferreira

Carlos Eduardo Rocha

Carlos Mikey Gomez

Carlos Pereira

Carmelo Marrero

Carmont/camozzi -over

Carmont/camozzi -under

Caros Fodor

Carson Beebe

Carv/arant -over

Carv/arant -under

Cas/bez -over

Cas/bez -under

Cas/joh -over

Cas/joh -under

Cas/sam -over

Cas/sam -under

Cas/sas -over

Cas/sas -under

Cas/vie -over

Cas/vie -under

Casey Dyer

Casey Huffman

Casey Ryan

Cat Zingano

Cat/hea -over

Cat/hea -under

Cathal Pendred

Cav/grif -over

Cav/grif -under

Cb Dollaway

Ced/car -over

Ced/car -under

Ced/hamm -over

Ced/hamm -under

Ced/nat -over

Ced/nat -under

Cel/tro -over

Cel/tro -under

Cezar Ferreira

Chad Griggs

Chad Laprise

Chad Mendes

Chad Robichaux

Chael Sonnen

Chan Sung Jung

Chandler/alvarez -over

Chandler/alvarez -under

Chang Seob Lee

Charles Blanchard

Charles Oliveira

Charles Rosa

Charlie Brenneman

Charlie Dubray

Charlie Ontiveros

Charlie Rader

Charlie Valencia

Charmaine Tweet

Chas Skelly

Chase Beebe

Chase Gormley

Che Mills

Cheick Kongo

Chi/iaq -over

Chi/iaq -under

Chi/law -over

Chi/law -under

Chico Camus

Chidi Njokuani

Chie/masv -over

Chie/masv -under

Cho/cas -over

Cho/cas -under

Cho/tib -over

Cho/tib -under

Chris Beal

Chris Camozzi

Chris Cariaso

Chris Cisneros

Chris Clements

Chris Coggins

Chris Cope

Chris Davis

Chris Dempsey

Chris Dunn

Chris Fields

Chris Heatherly

Chris Holdsworth

Chris Holland

Chris Honeycutt

Chris Horodecki

Chris Indich

Chris Jones

Chris Kelades

Chris Leben

Chris Lozano

Chris Lytle

Chris Pecero

Chris Reed

Chris Saunders

Chris Scott

Chris Spang

Chris Stringer

Chris Tickle

Chris Tuchscherer

Chris Wade

Chris Weidman

Chris Wright

Christian Morecraft

Christian Mpumbu

Christopher Barnett

Christos Giagos

Christos Piliafas

Chuka Willis

Cindy Dandois

Cj Keith

Cla/kui -over

Cla/kui -under

Clar/cho -over

Clar/cho -under

Claude Patrick

Claudia Gadelha

Claudio Henrique Da Silva

Claudio Silva

Clay Collard

Clay Davidson

Clay Guida

Clay Hantz

Clay Harvison

Clayton Macfarlane

Clayton Robinson

Cle/sar -over

Cle/sar -under

Cle/tho -over

Cle/tho -under

Cle/tir -over

Cle/tir -under

Cleber Luciano

Clifford Starks

Clint Godfrey

Clint Hester

Clo/yah -over

Clo/yah -under

Cob/coo -over

Cob/coo -under

Cob/gae -over

Cob/gae -under

Cody Bollinger

Cody Carrillo

Cody Donovan

Cody Garbrandt

Cody Gibson

Cody Griffin

Cody Krahn

Cody Mckenzie

Cody Pfister

Cody Williams

Cof/law -over

Cof/law -under

Cof/rio -over

Cof/rio -under

Colby Covington

Cole Escovedo

Cole Konrad

Cole Miller

Cole Province

Colin Fletcher

Colin Robinison

Colin Robinson

Colleen Schneider

Collin Hart

Collin Reuter

Colton Smith

Con/gsp -over

Con/gsp -under

Con/hen -over

Con/hen -under

Condit/diaz -over

Condit/diaz -under

Conor Cooke

Conor Dillon

Conor Heun

Conor Mcgregor

Constantinos Philippou

Coo/shl -over

Coo/shl -under

Coo/stp -over

Coo/stp -under

Cop/bro -over

Cop/bro -under

Cope/mills -over

Cope/mills -under

Cor/bar -over

Cor/bar -under

Cor/man -over

Cor/man -under

Cor/ogl -over

Cor/ogl -over

Cor/ogl -under

Cor/ogl -under

Cor/per -over

Cor/per -under

Cor/str -over

Cor/str -under

Corey Anderson

Corey Hill

Cormier/silva -over

Cormier/silva -under

Cornelius Godfrey

Costas Philippou

Cou/pea -over

Cou/pea -under

Court Mcgee

Cout/ianq -over

Cout/ianq -under

Cra/coo -over

Cra/coo -under

Cra/leb - Over

Cra/leb - Under

Cra/mar -over

Cra/mar -under

Cra/nok -over

Cra/nok -under

Cra/rog -over

Cra/rog -under

Creepy/mouse -over

Creepy/mouse -under

Cris Leyva

Cristiane "cyborg" Santos

Cristiane Cyborg Santos

Cristiane Justino

Cristiane Santos

Cristiano Marcello

Cristiano Souza

Cru/edw -over

Cru/edw -under

Cub Swanson

Cully Butterfield

Cung Le

Curran/jorgen -over

Curran/jorgen -under

Curt Warburton

Curtis Demarce

Curtis Millender

Cyrille Diabate

Czar Sklavos

D Lauzon

Dae Hwan Kim

Dakota Cochrane

Dale Hardiman

Dale Mitchell

Dam/car -over

Dam/car -under

Damacio Page

Damarques Johnson

Damian Douglas

Damian Grabowski

Damian Stasiak

Damien Rooney

Damm/dias -over

Damm/dias -under

Damon Jackson

Dan Charles

Dan Cramer

Dan Downes

Dan Hardy

Dan Henderson

Dan Hornbuckle

Dan Miller

Dan Ring

Dan Spohn

Dan Stittgen

Dan/guil -over

Dan/guil -under

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Gracie

Daniel Hooker

Daniel Kelly

Daniel Madrid

Daniel Omielanczuk

Daniel Pineda

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Sarafian

Daniel Straus

Daniel Thomas

Daniel Weichel

Danielle West

Danillo Villefort

Danny Castillo

Danny Davis Jr

Danny Downes

Danny Mainus

Danny Martinez

Danny Mitchell

Danny Roberts

Dante Rivera

Danzig/wiman -over

Danzig/wiman -under

Daron Cruickshank

Darrell Montague

Darren Elkins

Darren Smith

Darren Till

Darren Uyenoyama

Darrion Caldwell

Darron Cruickshank

Darryl Cobb

Das/bez -over

Das/bez -under

Dashon Johnson

Dav/mac -over

Dav/mac -under

Dav/sar -over

Dav/sar -under

Dav/wiu -over

Dav/wiu -under

Dave Branch

Dave Courchaine

Dave Herman

Dave Hill

Dave Huckaba

Dave Jansen

Dave Vitkay

Davey Grant

David Armas

David Bielkheden

David Branch

David Douglas

David Galera

David Heath

David Loiseau

David Mays

David Michaud

David Mitchell

David Nelson

David Rickels

Davin Clark

Davis/evans -over

Davis/evans -under

Dea/spo -over

Dea/spo -under

Dean Lister

Dean Reilly

Dean Trueman

Deanna Bennett

Deblass/fukuda -over

Deblass/fukuda -under

Dec Larkin

Def/duf -over

Def/duf -under

Def/mit -over

Def/mit -under

Defr/mioc -over

Defr/mioc -under

Deividas Taurosevicius

Deivison Ribeiro

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke

Del/awa -over

Del/awa -under

Del/den -over

Del/den -under

Del/fre -over

Del/fre -under

Del/mio -over

Del/mio -under

Del/riv -over

Del/riv -under

Delson Heleno

Demetrious Johnson

Demi Deeds

Demian Maia

Denis Kang

Dennis Bermudez

Dennis Hallman

Dennis Siver

Denniston Sutherland

Derek Anderson

Derek Boyle

Derek Brunson

Derek Campos

Derek Getzel

Derek Lewis

Derek Parker

Derrick Burnsed

Derrick Krantz

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Mehmen

Desmond Green

Devin Cole

Dhiego Lima

Dia/alc -over

Dia/alc -under

Dia/deb -over

Dia/deb -under

Dia/gri -over

Dia/gri -under

Dia/hen -over

Dia/hen -under

Dia/len -over

Dia/len -under

Dia/man -over

Dia/man -under

Dia/mil -over

Dia/mil -under

Dias/sandro -over

Dias/sandro -under

Diaz/cerro -over

Diaz/cerro -under

Diaz/gsp -over

Diaz/gsp -under

Diaz/penn -over

Diaz/penn -under

Diego Bautista

Diego Brandao

Diego Ferreira

Diego Gonzalez

Diego Nunes

Diego Rivas

Diego Sanchez

Dillard Pegg

Din Thomas

Dion Staring

Dj Linderman

Dmitry Poberezhets

Dod/joh -over

Dod/joh -under

Dodson/dillash -over

Dodson/dillash -under

Dol/mil -over

Dol/mil -under

Dol/sar -over

Dol/sar -under

Doll/boe -over

Doll/boe -under

Dominick Cruz

Dominique Robinson

Dominique Steele

Don Carlo Clauss

Don/st. Pre -over

Don/st. Pre -under

Donald Cerrone

Donald Sanchez

Dong Hyun Kim

Dongi Yang

Donnie Bell

Donny Walker

Doo Ho Choi

Dooho Choi

Dos An/cerr -over

Dos An/cerr -under

Dos San/vela -over

Dos San/vela -under

Dos/velasq -over

Dos/velasq -under

Dosanjos/tibau -over

Dosanjos/tibau -under

Doug Evans

Doug Jenkins

Doug Marshall

Douglas Frey

Douglas Lima

Douglas Silva De Andrade

Dow/fre -over

Dow/fre -under

Downes/nijem -over

Downes/nijem -under

Dragan Tesanovic

Drew Dober

Drew Fickett

Drew Kennedy

Drew Mcfedries

Dri/hel -over

Dri/hel -under

Duane Ludwig

Dun/bar -over

Dun/bar -under

Dun/dos -over

Dun/dos -under

Dun/tib -over

Dun/tib -under

Dustin Blake

Dustin Hazelett

Dustin Jacoby

Dustin Kimura

Dustin Neace

Dustin Ortiz

Dustin Pague

Dustin Poirier

Dwayne Lewis

Dylan Andrews

E Fadiora

Eas/pic -over

Eas/pic -under

Ed Carpenter

Ed Herman

Ed West

Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Arizmendi

Eddie Gordon

Eddie Mendez

Eddie Ng

Eddie Sanchez

Eddie Wineland

Eddie Yagin

Eddy Bengtsson

Edg/ald -over

Edg/ald -under

Edg/hen -over

Edg/hen -under

Edgar Garcia

Edgar/bendo Goes Distance

Edgar/bendo Wont Go Distance

Ediane Gomes

Edinaldo Oliveira

Ednaldo Oliveira

Edson Barboza

Edson Berto

Edu/cur -over

Edu/cur -under

Edu/jab -over

Edu/jab -under

Eduard Folayang

Eduardo Dantas

Eduardo Pamplona

Eduardo/assuncao -over

Eduardo/assuncao -under

Edw/cho -over

Edw/cho -under

Edw/nee -over

Edw/nee -under

Edw/rol - Over

Edw/rol - Under

Edw/ste -over

Edw/ste -under

Edw/that -over

Edw/that -under

Edward Faaloloto

Edwards/fergu -over

Edwards/fergu -under

Edwards/lopez -over

Edwards/lopez -under

Edwin Dewees

Edwin Figueroa

Efrain Escudero

Egidijus Valavicius

Eiji Mistsuoka

Eiji Mitsuoka

Einem/russ -over

Einem/russ -under

Elias Silverio

Elias Theodorou

Elijah Harshbargar

Eliot Marshall

Elizabeth Phillips

Elizeu Zaleski

Elk/bra -over

Elk/bra -under

Elk/hio -over

Elk/hio -under

Elk/men -over

Elk/men -under

Elkins/zhang -over

Elkins/zhang -under

Ell/dod -over

Ell/dod -under

Ell/mac -over

Ell/mac -under

Ellenberger/shields -over

Ellenberger/shields -under

Elvin Brito

Elvis Mutapcic

Emanuel Newton

Emanuel Sanchez

Emi Fujino

Emiliano Sordi

Emily Kagan

Emmanuel Walo

Eric Davila

Eric Kelly

Eric Larkin

Eric Lawson

Eric Marriott

Eric Moell

Eric Prindle

Eric Reynolds

Eric Schafer

Eric Schambari

Eric Smith

Eric Wilson

Eric Wisely

Erick Silva

Ericka Almeida

Erik Apple

Erik Koch

Erik Perez

Ernest Chavez

Errol Zimmerman

Esc/dan -over

Esc/dan -under

Escovedo/mizugaki -over

Escovedo/mizugaki -under

Escu/volk -over

Escu/volk -under

Estevan Payan

Esteves Jones

Etim/barb -over

Etim/barb -under

Ev Ting

Eva/hen - Over

Eva/hen - Under

Eva/jon -over

Eva/jon -under

Evan Cutts

Evan Dunham

Evange/noons -over

Evange/noons -under

Evangelista Santos

Evi/war -over

Evi/war -under

Eye/gur -over

Eye/gur -under

Eye/kau -over

Eye/kau -under

Faaloloto/etim -over

Faaloloto/etim -under

Fab/bar -over

Fab/bar -under

Faber/barao- Goes Distance

Faber/barao- Wont Go Distance

Fabio Maldonado

Fabio Mello

Fabricio Camoes

Fabricio Guerreiro

Fabricio Monteiro

Fabricio Werdum

Faith Van Duin

Fal/shl -over

Fal/shl -under

Falaniko Vitale

Fallon Fox

Faycal Hucin

Faycal Hussin

Fedor Emelianenko

Felice Herrig

Felipe Arantes

Felipe Enomoto

Felipe Portela

Fer/car -over

Fer/car -under

Fernando Gonzalez

Ferrid Kheder

Fig/riv -over

Fig/riv -under

Fight Goes Over 11 Minutes

Fight Goes Over 12½ Minutes

Fight Goes Over 14½ Minutes

Fight Goes Over 22½ Minutes

Fight Goes Over 7 Minutes

Fight Goes Over 7½ Minutes

Fight Goes Over 9 Minutes

Fight Goes Under 11 Minutes

Fight Goes Under 12½ Minutes

Fight Goes Under 14½ Minutes

Fight Goes Under 22½ Minutes

Fight Goes Under 7 Minutes

Fight Goes Under 7½ Minutes

Fight Goes Under 9 Minutes

Fil/bil -over

Fil/bil -under

Fil/kim -over

Fil/kim -under

Fil/war -over

Fil/war -under

Filip Verlinden

Fiona Muxlow

Fis/ric -over

Fis/ric -under

Fis/rik -over

Fis/rik -under

Fis/sto -over

Fis/sto -under

Fis/tai -over

Fis/tai -under

Fish/edw -over

Fish/edw -under

Fisher/tavares -over

Fisher/tavares -under

Fle/ric -over

Fle/ric -under

Florent Betorangal

Florian/aldo -over

Florian/aldo -under

Fod/sto -over

Fod/sto -under

Fod/tho -over

Fod/tho -under

For/ben -over

For/ben -under

For/dod -over

For/dod -under

For/eti -over

For/eti -under

For/mak -over

For/mak -under

For/mor -over

For/mor -under

For/san -over

For/san -under

Forrest Griffin

Forrest Petz

Fos/bez -over

Fos/bez -under

Fouad Mesdari

Francimar Barroso

Francis Carmont

Francisco Drinaldo

Francisco France

Francisco Rivera

Francisco Trevino

Francisco Trinaldo

Frank Baca

Frank Caraballo

Frank Edgar

Frank Mir

Frank Trevino

Frankie Edgar

Frankie Perez

Frankie Saenz

Fraser Opie

Fre/alv -over

Fre/alv -under

Fre/cur -over

Fre/cur -under

Freddy Assuncao

Freddy Assuncao

Fredson Paixao

Fredy Serrano

Freire/pelleg -over

Freire/pelleg -under

Fuk/tav -over

Fuk/tav -under

Fukuda/philip -over

Fukuda/philip -under

Fun/mil -over

Fun/mil -under

Funch/pyle -over

Funch/pyle -under

Gabe Ruediger

Gabriel Benitez

Gabriel Gonzaga

Gabriel Salinas-jones

Gabriel Solorio

Gabrielle Holloway

Gae/cav -over

Gae/cav -under

Gael Grimaud

Gaf/mcm -over

Gaf/mcm -under

Gaff/nun -over

Gaff/nun -under

Gag/kim -over

Gag/kim -under

Gagn/bedf -over

Gagn/bedf -under

Gagnon/watson -over

Gagnon/watson -under

Gal/dan -over

Gal/dan -under

Gal/nog -over

Gal/nog -under

Gal/veg -over

Gal/veg -under

Gam/bra -over

Gam/bra -under

Gam/men -over

Gam/men -under

Gam/sil -over

Gam/sil -under

Gamb/nunes -over

Gamb/nunes -under

Gar/ber -over

Gar/ber -under

Gar/bra -over

Gar/bra -under

Gar/hol -over

Gar/hol -under

Gar/hom -over

Gar/hom -under

Garcia/phan -over

Garcia/phan -under

Gareth Joseph

Garett Whiteley

Garreth Mclellan

Gary Tapasua

Garza/poirer -over

Garza/poirer -under

Gas/hal -over

Gas/hal -under

Gas/lin -over

Gas/lin -under

Gas/men -over

Gas/men -under

Gasan Umalatov

Gaston Reyno

Gau/ell -over

Gau/ell -under

Gau/lin -over

Gaud/bedford -over

Gaud/bedford -under

Gegard Mousasi

Genair Da Silva

George Pacurariu

George Roop

George Sotiropoulos

George Sullivan

Georges St Pierre

Georges St-pierre

Georgi Karakhanyan

Gerald Harris

Gerald Meerschaert

Germaine De Randamie

Geronimo Dos Santos

Gerzan Chaw

Gesias Cavalcante

Gian Villante

Giants & Condit Both Win

Giants & Diaz Both Win

Giants Or Condit Lose

Giants Or Diaz Lose

Giedrius Karavackas

Gilbert Burns

Gilbert Jiminez

Gilbert Melendez

Gilbert Smith

Gilbert Yvel

Gina Carano

Giva Santana

Gleison Tibau

Gleristone Santos

Glover Teixeira

God/kon -over

God/kon -under

Godofredo Castro

Godofredo Pepey

Goiti Yamauchi

Gokhan Saki

Gom/dan -over

Gom/dan -under

Gom/san -over

Gom/san -under

Gomi/diaz -over

Gomi/diaz -under

Gon/bro -over

Gon/bro -under

Gon/cha -over

Gon/cha -under

Gon/jor -over

Gon/jor -under

Goo/kor -over

Goo/kor -under

Goran Reljic

Gra/ken - Over

Gra/ken - Under

Gra/may -over

Gra/may -under

Gracie/lawal -over

Gracie/lawal -under

Graham Spencer

Graham Turner

Grant/dunham -over

Grant/dunham -under

Grant/roller -over

Grant/roller -under

Gray Maynard

Gre/gue -over

Gre/gue -under

Gre/vol -over

Gre/vol -under

Gree/cast -over

Gree/cast -under

Greg Loughran

Greg Rebello

Greg Soto

Gregor Gracie

Gregor Herb

Gri/ber -over

Gri/ber -under

Gri/bro -over

Gri/bro -under

Gri/gar -over

Gri/gar -under

Griffin/rua -over

Griffin/rua -under

Grove/santos -over

Grove/santos -under

Gue/bar -over

Gue/bar -under

Gue/omi -over

Gue/omi -under

Guer/frei -over

Guer/frei -under

Gui/cer -over

Gui/cer -under

Gui/lim -over

Gui/lim -under

Gui/may -over

Gui/may -under

Gui/men -over

Gui/men -under

Gui/var -over

Gui/var -under

Guida/bendo -over

Guida/bendo -under

Guido Cannetti

Guilherme Trindade

Guilherme Vasconcelos

Guilherme Viana

Guill/miller -over

Guill/miller -under

Guillard/cerrone Goes Distance

Guillard/cerrone Not Distance

Guillaume Delorenzi

Gunnar Nelson

Gus/jon -over

Gus/jon -under

Gustavo Falciroli

Guto Inocente

Hacran Dias

Hakeem Dawodu

Hal/tav -over

Hal/tav -under

Hall/mak -over

Hall/mak -under

Hall/trin -over

Hall/trin -under

Ham/sil -over

Ham/sil -under

Hamm/philip -over

Hamm/philip -under

Hans Stringer

Har/gom -over

Har/gom -under

Har/uye -over

Har/uye -under

Harvison/baczynski -over

Harvison/baczynski -under

Harvison/johnson -over

Harvison/johnson -under

Hatsu Hioki

Haw/cha -over

Haw/cha -under

Hawn/terr -over

Hawn/terr -under

Hay/ber -over

Hay/ber -under

Hayato Sakurai

Hayd/camoe -over

Hayd/camoe -under

Hayder Hassan

Hayward Charles

Hea/abe -over

Hea/abe -under

Hea/ebe -over

Hea/ebe -under

Hea/mel -over

Hea/mel -under

Hea/mil -over

Hea/mil -under

Hea/nur -over

Hea/nur -under

Hea/pyl -over

Hea/pyl -under

Head/ebersole- Goes Distance

Head/ebersole- Wontgo Distance

Head/high -over

Head/high -under

Healy/blanco -over

Healy/blanco -under

Heather Clark

Heather Jo Clark

Hec/att -over

Hec/att -under

Hector Lombard

Hector Ramirez

Hector Urbina

Hel/cle -over

Hel/cle -under

Hel/jan -over

Hel/jan -under

Hem/mor -over

Hem/mor -under

Hen/kos -over

Hen/kos -under

Hen/mac -over

Hen/mac -under

Hend/fitch -over

Hend/fitch -under

Hendo/rua -over

Hendo/rua -under

Henry Briones

Henry Cejudo

Henry Corrales

Henry Martinez

Her/gon - Over

Her/gon - Under

Her/mar -over

Her/mar -under

Her/nel -over

Her/nel -under

Her/nog -over

Her/nog -under

Her/sar -over

Her/sar -under

Her/shi -over

Her/shi -under

Her/sou -over

Her/sou -under

Herbert Burns

Herica Tiburcio

Herman Terrado

Herman/shields Goes Distance

Herman/shields Wont Go Distanc

Hermes Franca

Hernani Perpetuo

Herschel Walker

Hett/phan -over

Hett/phan -under

Hideo Tokoro

Hie/ell -over

Hie/ell -under

Hie/woo -over

Hie/woo -under

Hieron/askren -over

Hieron/askren -under

Hig/sil -over

Hig/sil -under

Hio/gui -over

Hio/gui -under

Hir/dam -over

Hir/dam -under

Hir/yah -over

Hir/yah -under

Hiroki Nakajima

Hiroko Yamanaka

Hiroshi Izumi

Hiroshi Nakamura

Hiroyuki Takaya

Hisaki Kato

Hitomi Akano

Hol/law -over

Hol/law -under

Hol/mal -over

Hol/mal -under

Hol/pra -over

Hol/pra -under

Hol/sil -over

Hol/sil -under

Holl/ber -over

Holl/ber -under

Holl/mcgr -over

Holl/mcgr -under

Holl/poir -over

Holl/poir -under

Hollett/hamill -over

Hollett/hamill -under

Holloway/lawrence Distance-no

Holloway/lawrence Distance-yes

Holly Holm

Honorio Banario

Hos/mar -over

Hos/mar -under

Hou/jab -over

Hou/jab -under

Hou/miz -over

Hou/miz -under

Hough/east -over

Hough/east -under

Houston Alexander

How/hall -over

How/hall -under

Huc/gra -over

Huc/gra -under

Huc/sef -over

Hughes/koscheck -over

Hughes/koscheck -under

Hugo Viana

Humberto Brown

Hun/dos -over

Hun/dos -under

Hun/str -over

Hun/str -under

Huna/romero -over

Huna/romero -under

Hunt/kongo -over

Hunt/kongo -under

Hunt/rothwell -over

Hunt/rothwell -under

Hyun Gyu Lim

Ian Entwistle

Ian Loveland

Ian Mccall

Ian Rammel

Iaq/jur -over

Iaq/jur -under

Ido Pariente

Igo/rya - Over

Igo/rya - Under

Igor Araujo

Igor Gracie

Igor Jurkovic

Igor Pokrajac

Igor Subora

Igor Svirid

Ikuhisa Minowa

Ildemar Alcantara

Ildemar Alcantra

Iliard Santos

Iliarde Santos

Ilir Latifi

Imani Lee

Ino/vill -over

Ino/vill -under

Ion Cherdivara

Irene Aldana

Isaac Vallie-flag

Isaac Vallie-flagg

Isaac Villanueva

Isaiah Chapman

Isaiah Hill

Islam Makhachev

Ismael Padavia

Issei Tamura

Iuri Alcantara

Ivan Buchinger

Ivan Jorge

Ivan Menjivar

Ivan Musardo

Ivan Salaverry

Ivica Truscek

Izabela Badurek

Izq/mad -over

Izq/mad -under

Izq/oli -over

Izq/oli -under

J Burkman

J Fitch

J Gaethje

Jab/pic -over

Jab/pic -over

Jab/pic -under

Jab/pic -under

Jac/ric -over

Jac/ric -under

Jac/tei -over

Jac/tei -under

Jacen Flynn

Jack Hermansson

Jack Mason

Jack May

Jackson/jone -under

Jackson/jones -over

Jacob Kirwan

Jacob Noe

Jacob Volkmann

Jacob/camo -over

Jacob/camo -under

Jadamba Narantungalag

Jae Hyun So

Jaimie Varner

Jak/tyr - Over

Jak/tyr - Under

Jake Collier

Jake Ellenberger

Jake Hecht

Jake Heun

Jake Lindsey

Jake Lindsey

Jake Matthews

Jake Rosholt

Jake Shields

Jam/sam - Over

Jam/sam - Under

Jamal Ben Saddik

Jameel Massouh

James Brum

James Doolan

James Haddad

James Head

James Krause

James Mcsweeney

James Moontasri

James Pennington

James Reese

James Saville

James Te Huna

James Terry

James Thompson

James Vick

James Warfield

James Zikic

Jamie Toney

Jamie Varner

Jan Blachowicz

Jan Finney

Jan/kui -over

Jan/kui -under

Jar/gra -over

Jar/gra -under

Jar/sto -over

Jar/sto -under

Jard/rock -over

Jard/rock -under

Jared Cannonier

Jared Downing

Jared Hamman

Jared Hess

Jared Mccomb

Jared Papazian

Jared Rosholt

Jarrod Card

Jasminka Cive

Jason Ball

Jason Brilz

Jason Butcher

Jason Cooledge

Jason Dent

Jason Fischer

Jason Freeman

Jason Hicks

Jason High

Jason Kuchera

Jason Macdonald

Jason Mclean

Jason Miller

Jason Reinhardt

Jason Riley

Jason Saggo

Jason Young

Jason Zentgraf

Javier Vasquez

Javy Ayala

Jay Hieron

Jay Mortimore

Jay Silva

Jds Not Inside The Distance

Jds Wins Inside The Distance

Jeff Curran

Jeff Hougland

Jeff Lentz

Jeff Rexroad

Jennifer Maia

Jennifer Scott

Jens Pulver

Jeremiah Riggs

Jeremy Kimball

Jeremy Larsen

Jeremy Spoon

Jeremy Stephens

Jerod Spoon

Jerome Le Banner

Jerrod Sanders

Jerron Peoples

Jessamyn Duke

Jesse Bongfeldt

Jesse Gross

Jesse Juarez

Jesse Mcelligott

Jesse Ronson

Jesse Taylor

Jesse Zeugin

Jessica Aguilar

Jessica Andrade

Jessica Eye

Jessica Penne

Jessica Rakoczy

Jesus Adame

Jesus Martinez

Jianping Yang

Jim Alers

Jim Hettes

Jim Miller

Jim Wallhead

Jim/teh -over

Jim/teh -under

Jimi Manuwa

Jimmy Fowler

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Quinlan

Jimmy Wallhead

Jimy Hettes

Jingliang Li

Jj Ambrose

Joachim Hansen

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Joanne Calderwood

Joao Zeferino

Joby Sanchez

Jodie Esquibel

Joe Benavidez

Joe Camacho

Joe Condon

Joe Doerksen

Joe Duarte

Joe Ellenberger

Joe Elmore

Joe Heiland

Joe Jordan

Joe Lauzon

Joe Merritt

Joe Murphy

Joe Pacheco

Joe Proctor

Joe Riggs

Joe Schilling

Joe Soto

Joe Stevenson

Joe Taimanglo

Joe Vedepo

Joe Warren

Joe Wilk

Joe Williams

Joe Yager

Joey Banks

Joey Beltran

Joey Diehl

Joey Gambino

Joey Gorczynski

Joey Villasenor

Joh/bar -over

Joh/bar -under

Joh/fer -over

Joh/fer -under

Joh/lau -over

Joh/lau -under

Joh/nel -over

Joh/nel -over

Joh/nel -under

Joh/nel -under

Joh/sch -over

Joh/sch -under

Joh/stu -over

Joh/stu -under

Joh/swi -over

Joh/swi -under

John Albert

John Alessio

John Bryant

John Cholish

John Cofer

John Cofer

John Devall

John Dodson

John Fraser

John Gunderson

John Hathaway

John Hawk

John Howard

John Kolosci

John Lineker

John Maguire

John Mahlow

John Makdessi

John Malbrough

John Michael Shiel

John Moraga

John Ott

John Phillips

John Quinn

John Richard

John Salgado

John Salter

John Schulz

John Teixeira

John Troyer

John/beltr -over

John/beltr -under

John/roll -over

John/roll -under

Johnny Bedford

Johnny Buck

Johnny Case

Johnny Cisneros

Johnny Davis

Johnny Eduardo

Johnny Nunez

Johns/belf -over

Johns/belf -under

Johnson/benavidez -over

Johnson/benavidez -under

Johnson/cruz -over

Johnson/cruz -under

Johny Hendricks

Jon Delos Reyes

Jon Fitch

Jon Harris

Jon Hollis

Jon Jones

Jon Kirk

Jon Madsen

Jon Manley

Jon Olav Einemo

Jon Tuck

Jonas Billstein

Jonatas Novaes

Jonathan Brookins

Jonathan Nunez

Jonathan Wilson

Jonavin Webb

Joni Salovaara

Jor/fab -over

Jor/fab -under

Jor/rus -over

Jor/rus -under

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Mein

Jordan Rinaldi

Jordan Smith

Jorg/barao -over

Jorg/barao -under

Jorge Britto

Jorge De Oliveira

Jorge Gurgel

Jorge Lopez

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Patino

Jorge Rivera

Jorge Santiago

Jose Aldo

Jose Figueroa

Jose Gomes

Jose Luis Zapater

Jose Maria Tome

Jose Quinonez

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Vega

Joseph Benavidez

Joseph Corneroli

Joseph Duffey

Joseph Duffy

Joseph Henle

Joseph Sandoval

Josh Arocho

Josh Barnett

Josh Berkovic

Josh Burkman

Josh Burns

Josh Clark

Josh Clopton

Josh Copeland

Josh Eagans

Josh Ferguson

Josh Grispi

Josh Hill

Josh Huber

Josh Janousek

Josh Koscheck

Josh Laberge

Josh Montoya

Josh Neer

Josh Rettinghouse

Josh Samman

Josh Sampo

Josh Shockley

Josh Smith

Josh Thomson

Josh Thornburg

Josh Thorpe

Joshua Foster

Joshua Sampo

Juan Barrantes

Juan Manuel Puig

Juan Manuel Suarez

Juan Puig

Juha-pekka Vainikainen

Julia Budd

Julian Lane

Juliana Carneiro Lima

Juliana Lima

Julianna Pena

Juliano Coutinho

Julie Kedzie

Julio Gallegos

Jumabieke Tuerxun

Jun/ald -over

Jun/ald -under

Jun/poi -over

Jun/poi -under

Jung Hwan Cha

Jung/homi -over

Jung/homi -under

Junior Assuncao

Junior Dos Santos

Jur/joh -over

Jur/joh -under

Jussier Da Silva

Jussier Formiga

Justin Baesman

Justin Buchholz

Justin Edwards

Justin Gaethje

Justin Guthrie

Justin Jones

Justin Lawrence

Justin Reiswerg

Justin Salas

Justin Scoggins

Justin Torrey

Justin Wilcox

Justyn Riley

Jz Cavalcante

K Berry

K.j. Noons

Kailin Curran

Kaitlin Young

Kajan Johnson

Kala Kolohe Hose

Kaleo Gambill

Kalib Starnes

Kalindra Faria

Kalvin Hackney

Kam/con -over

Kam/con -under

Kam/ell -over

Kam/ell -under

Kam/hen -over

Kam/hen -under

Kamal Shalorus

Kamp/story -over

Kamp/story -under

Kan/cac -over

Kan/cac -under

Karl Amoussou

Karl Etherington

Karl Knothe

Karl Moore

Karla Benitez

Karlos Vemola

Karo Parisyan

Karol Bedorf

Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Katja Kankaanpaa

Katsunori Kikuno

Kau/rou -over

Kau/rou -under

Kazuhiro Nakamura

Kazuhisa Watanabe

Kazuki Tokudome

Kazunori Yokota

Kazuo Misaki

Kazuo Takahashi

Kazushi Sakuraba

Kazuyuki Miyata

Kei/nij -over

Kei/nij -under

Kei/tri -over

Kei/tri -under

Keita Nakamura

Keith Berish

Keith Berry

Keith Jardine

Keith Richardson

Keith Wisniewski

Kel/mel -over

Kel/mel -under

Kelly Anundson

Kelvin Gastelum

Kelvin Tiller

Ken Hasegawa

Ken Shamrock

Ken Stone

Ken/roc -over

Ken/roc -under

Ken/sea - Over

Ken/sea - Under

Kendall Grove

Kenny Florian

Kenny Foster

Kenny Garner

Kenny Robertson

Keon Caldwell

Kerry Schall

Kes/mach -over

Kes/mach -under

Kevin Aguilar

Kevin Asplund

Kevin Belingon

Kevin Casey

Kevin Croom

Kevin Donnelly

Kevin Forant

Kevin Lee

Kevin Roddy

Kevin Souza

Kha/gue -over

Kha/gue -under

Kha/pic -over

Kha/pic -under

Kha/ric -over

Kha/ric -under

Kha/san -over

Kha/san -under

Kha/tib -over

Kha/tib -under

Khabib Allakhverdiev

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Kharitonov/barnett -over

Kharitonov/barnett -under

Kiichi Kunimoto

Kim/sil -over

Kim/sil -under

Kimbo Slice

Kin/man -over

Kin/man -over

Kin/man -under

Kin/man -under

Kin/tei -over

Kin/tei -under

Kir/war -over

Kir/war -under

Kiumu Kunioku

Kj Noons

Kj/cerr -over

Kj/cerr -under

Kobe Ortiz

Koetsu Okazaki

Koffi Adzitso

Koji Ando

Koji Oishi

Kon/jor -over

Kon/jor -under

Kon/nel -over

Kon/nel -under

Kongo/jordan- Goes Distance

Kongo/jordan- Wont Go Distance

Kongo/mitrione -over

Kongo/mitrione -under

Konstantin Erokhin

Kor/ask -over

Kor/ask -under

Kotetsu Boku

Kra/hat -over

Kra/hat -under

Krasimir Mladenov

Kris Edwards

Kris Mccray

Krzysztof Jotko

Krzysztof Soszynski

Kui/chi -over

Kui/chi -under

Kui/ham -over

Kui/ham -under

Kui/law -over

Kui/law -under

Kuip/nata -over

Kuip/nata -under

Kurt Holobaugh

Kurt Kinser

Kurt Pellegrino

Kurt Southern

Kyl/arl - Over

Kyl/arl - Under

Kyl/cav -over

Kyl/cav -under

Kyl/mou -over

Kyl/mou -under

Kyle Baker

Kyle Jackson

Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Noke

Kyle Watson

Kyogi Horiguchi

Kyoji Horiguchi


Kyung Ho Kang

L.c. Davis

Lacey Schuckman

Laf/all -over

Laf/all -under

Lam/hio -over

Lam/hio -under

Lam/koc -over

Lam/koc -under

Lance Benoist

Lance Palmer

Lar/car -over

Lar/car -under

Lar/chi -over

Lar/chi -under

Lar/law -over

Lar/law -under

Lar/mar -over

Lar/mar -under

Lar/oli -over

Lar/oli -under

Lar/pro -over

Lar/pro -under

Laramie Schaffer

Larissa Moreira Pacheco

Larissa Pacheco

Larkin/lawal -over

Larkin/lawal -under

Larry Crowe

Larue Burley

Lat/mou -over

Lat/mou -under

Latoya Walker

Lau/mil -over

Lau/mil -under

Lau/pet -over

Lau/pet -under

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Taylor

Lauzon/guillard -over

Lauzon/guillard -under

Lavar Johnson

Law/car -over

Law/car -under

Law/kos -over

Law/kos -under

Lawlor/weidman -over

Lawlor/weidman -under

Lawson Mcclure

Lc Davis

Le/cot -over

Le/cot -under

Le/cote Goes The Distance

Le/cote Wont Go The Distance

Le/fra -over

Le/fra -under

Le/silva -over

Le/silva -under

Leandro Ataides

Leandro Issa

Leandro Silva

Leandro Veal

Leben/munoz -over

Leben/munoz -under

Lee Higgins

Lee King

Lee/assu -over

Lee/assu -under

Lee/cariaso -over

Lee/cariaso -under

Lee/dill -over

Lee/dill -under

Lee/yam -over

Lee/yam -under

Leeroy Barnes

Leigh Cohoon

Len Cook

Len/boc -over

Len/boc -under

Len/nun -over

Len/nun -under

Lentz/dunham -over

Lentz/dunham -under

Leo Kuntz

Leo/mak -over

Leo/mak -under

Leo/sil -over

Leo/sil -under

Leon Edwards

Leonard Garcia

Leonardo Mafra

Leonardo Morales

Leonardo Pecanha

Leonardo Santos

Leonardo Teixeira

Leopoldo Serao

Leslie Smith

Lesnar/reem -over

Lesnar/reem -under

Lester Batres

Lev/chi -over

Lev/chi -under

Lev/mck -over

Lev/mck -under

Lev/pra -over

Lev/pra -under

Levan Makashvili

Leville Simpson

Levon Maynard

Lew Long

Lew Polley

Lewis Gonzalez

Ley/bro -over

Ley/bro -under

Li Jingliang

Li Peng Zhang

Liam James

Liam Mcgeary

Lim/ask -over

Lim/ask -under

Lim/kra -over

Lim/kra -under

Lim/man -over

Lim/man -under

Lima/saunders -over

Lima/saunders -under

Linton Vassell

Lipeng Zhang

Lisa Ellis

Livia Renata Souza

Liz Carmouche

Lloyd Woodard

Loef/rob -over

Loef/rob -under

Lop/sad -over

Lop/sad -under

Lorenz Larkin

Lorenzo Borgomeo

Lou/wil -over

Lou/wil -under

Louis Gaudinot

Louis Smolka

Louis Taylor

Loveland/jabouin -over

Loveland/jabouin -under

Low/kar - Over

Low/kar - Under

Lucas Gamaza

Lucas Lopes

Lucas Martins

Lucas Montoya

Lucas Pimenta

Lucas/rosa -over

Lucas/rosa -under

Luciano Dos Santos

Lucio Linhares

Lud/har -over

Lud/har -under

Lud/mil -over

Lud/mil -over

Lud/mil -under

Lud/mil -under

Ludwig/neer -over

Ludwig/neer -under

Luis Huete

Luis Melo

Luis Nogueira

Luis Palomino

Luis Ramos

Luis Santos

Luiz Alberto Nogueira

Luiz Cane

Luiz Dutra

Luiz Firmino

Lukasz Chlewicki

Lukasz Sajewski

Luke Barnatt

Luke Harris

Luke Rockhold

Luke Zachrich

Lullo/peralta -over

Lullo/peralta -under

Lumumba Sayers

Lyle Beerbohm

Lyman Good

Lyndon Whitlock

Lynn Alvarez

Lyoto Machida

M Alfaya

M Moraes

Mac Danzig

Mac/hel -over

Mac/hel -under

Mac/law -over

Mac/law -under

Mac/san -over

Mac/san -under

Mac/tor -over

Mac/tor -under

Macdonald/belcher -over

Macdonald/belcher -under

Mach/jones -over

Mach/jones -under

Maciej Jewtuszko

Mackens Semerzier

Mad/joh -over

Mad/joh -under

Mag/hat -over

Mag/hat -over

Mag/hat -under

Mag/hat -under

Mag/joh -over

Mag/joh -under

Mag/mar -over

Mag/mar -under

Mag/mean -over

Mag/mean -under

Mag/mor -over

Mag/mor -under

Mag/rid -over

Mag/rid -under

Mag/vem -over

Mag/vem -under

Magalhaes/pokrajac -over

Magalhaes/pokrajac -under

Magnus Cedenblad

Magomed Mustafaev

Magomed Saadulaev

Magomedrasul Khasbulaev

Maguire/edwards -over

Maguire/edwards -under

Mai/fit -over

Mai/fit -under

Mai/hyu -over

Mai/hyu -under

Mai/kim -over

Mai/kim -under

Maia/bisp -over

Maia/bisp -under

Maia/kim Goes The Distance

Maia/kim Wont Go The Distance

Maia/weidman -over

Maia/weidman -under

Maiquel Falcao

Mairbek Taisumov

Mak/cru -over

Mak/cru -under

Mak/dan -over

Mak/dan -under

Mak/njo -over

Mak/njo -under

Mak/sto -over

Mak/sto -under

Maka Watson

Makwan Amirkhani

Mal/dav -over

Mal/dav -under

Mal/tei -over

Mal/tei -under

Malik Merad

Mamed Khalidov

Man/mag -over

Man/mag -under

Manabu Inoue

Manny Gamburyan

Mansour Barnaoui

Manuel Rodriguez

Mar/ali -over

Mar/ali -under

Mar/and -over

Mar/and -under

Mar/bar -over

Mar/bar -under

Mar/coo -over

Mar/coo -under

Mar/cru -over

Mar/cru -under

Mar/ell -over

Mar/ell -under

Mar/fab -over

Mar/fab -under

Mar/gal -over

Mar/gal -under

Mar/hal - Over

Mar/hal - Under

Mar/hes -over

Mar/hes -under

Mar/law -over

Mar/law -under

Mar/lom -over

Mar/lom -under

Mar/mad -over

Mar/mad -under

Mar/mal -over

Mar/mal -under

Mar/min -over

Mar/min -under

Mar/sha -over

Mar/sha -under

Mar/sic -over

Mar/sic -under

Mar/sou -over

Mar/sou -under

Mar/spa -over

Mar/spa -under

Mar/tok -over

Mar/tok -under

Mar/ued -over

Mar/ued -under

Mar/val -over

Mar/val -under

Mar/wiu -over

Mar/wiu -under

Marat Gafurov

Marc Allen

Marc Stevens

Marcelo Guimaraes

Marcin Bandel

Marcin Held

Marcin Lasota

Marcin Lazarz

Marcin Rozalski

Marcio Alexandre Jr

Marcio Alexandre Jr.

Marcio Cesar

Marcio Cruz

Marco Beltran

Marcos Galvao

Marcos Nardini

Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Marcos Vinicius Borges

Marcus Brimage

Marcus Davis

Marcus Dupar

Marcus Hicks

Marcus Levesseur

Marcus Vanttinen

Marianna Kheyfets

Mario Miranda

Mario Rinaldi

Marion Reneau

Marius Zaromskis

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Mark Bocek

Mark Drummond

Mark Eddiva

Mark Ellis

Mark Godbeer

Mark Holata

Mark Holst

Mark Hominick

Mark Hunt

Mark Munoz

Mark Platts

Mark Scanlon

Mark/simp -over

Mark/simp -under

Marloes Coenen

Marlon Moraes

Marlon Sandro

Marlon Vera

Marshall/vera -over

Marshall/vera -under

Mart/ridd -over

Mart/ridd -under

Martin Begley

Martin Buschkamp

Martin Kampmann

Martin Stapleton

Maryna Moroz

Mas/vem -over

Mas/vem -under

Masakatsu Ueda

Masakazu Imanari

Masanori Kanehara

Masio Fullen

Mass/palh -over

Mass/palh -under

Massenzio/cantwell -over

Massenzio/cantwell -under

Masvi/melen -over

Masvi/melen -under

Mat/bad -over

Mat/bad -under

Mats Nilsson

Matt Bessette

Matt Brown

Matt Dwyer

Matt Gabel

Matt Grice

Matt Hamill

Matt Hobar

Matt Horwich

Matt Hughes

Matt Inman

Matt Lee

Matt Lindland

Matt Lucas

Matt Manzanares

Matt Mitrione

Matt Ricehouse

Matt Riddle

Matt Sayles

Matt Schnell

Matt Thompson

Matt Uhde

Matt Van Buren

Matt Veach

Matt Wiman

Matteus Lahdesmaki

Matthew Riddle

Maty/gust -over

Maty/gust -under

Matyushenko/hamill -over

Matyushenko/hamill -under

Mauricio Rua

Max Holloway

Max Nunes

Maxim Grishin

Maximo Blanco

Maynard/edgar -over

Maynard/edgar -under

Mcc/ben -over

Mcc/ben -under

Mcc/joh -over

Mcc/joh -under

Mccall/johnson Goes To Dec

Mccall/johnson Wont Go To Dec

Mcd/bar -over

Mcd/bar -under

Mcd/tav -over

Mcd/tav -under

Mcg/bri -over

Mcg/bri -under

Mcg/whi -over

Mcg/whi -under

Mck/gar -over

Mck/gar -under

Mck/men -over

Mck/men -under

Mckenzie/mendes Goes Distance

Mckenzie/mendes Not Distance

Mckenzie/rocha -over

Mckenzie/rocha -under

Mea/cast -over

Mea/cast -under

Mea/mas -over

Mea/mas -under

Med/dam -over

Med/dam -under

Med/kha -over

Med/kha -under

Megumi Fujii

Meh/gra - Over

Meh/gra - Under

Mein/wood -over

Mein/wood -under

Meisha Tate

Mel/bac - Over

Mel/bac - Under

Mel/hen -over

Mel/hen -under

Mel/hou -over

Mel/hou -under

Melan/gast -over

Melan/gast -under

Melvin Guillard

Melvin Manhoef

Men/eas -over

Men/eas -under

Men/fab -over

Men/fab -under

Men/sar - Over

Men/sar -under

Mendes/aldo -over

Mendes/aldo -under

Menjivar/easton Goes Distance

Menjivar/easton Not Distance

Merv Mulholland

Mez/men -over

Mez/men -under

Meza/alb -over

Meza/alb -under

Mic/naz -over

Mic/naz -under

Mic/sar -over

Mic/sar -under

Mic/wee -over

Mic/wee -under

Michael Bisping

Michael Bravo

Michael Chandler

Michael Chiesa

Michael Hill

Michael Johnson

Michael Kuiper

Michael Mcdonald

Michael Page

Michael Richard Dos Prazeres

Michail Tsarev

Michel Prazeres

Michelle Waterson

Michihiro Omigawa

Michinori Tanaka

Mick Brennan

Mickael Lebout

Miesha Tate

Miguel Torres

Mikael Silander

Mike Barreras

Mike Bernhard

Mike Bronzoulis

Mike Brown

Mike Chandler

Mike Chiesa

Mike Corey

Mike De La Torre

Mike Easton

Mike Guymon

Mike Hackert

Mike Hayes

Mike King

Mike Kyle

Mike Ling

Mike Lullo

Mike Massenzio

Mike Moreno

Mike Mucitelli

Mike Pierce

Mike Pyle

Mike Rhodes

Mike Ricci

Mike Richman

Mike Rio

Mike Russo

Mike Russow

Mike Seal

Mike Stumpf

Mike Swick

Mike Wessel

Mike Wilkinson

Mike Winters

Mikel Bronzoulis

Mikey Gomez

Mikhail Zayats

Mikkel Parlo

Mil/mac -over

Mil/mac -under

Mil/mei -over

Mil/mei -under

Mil/pal -over

Mil/pal -under

Milan Zerjal

Milana Dudieva

Mill/gamb -over

Mill/gamb -under

Miller/bisping -over

Miller/bisping -under

Miller/palhares -over

Miller/palhares -under

Milton Vieira

Mir/bar -over

Mir/bar -under

Mir/cor -over

Mir/cor -under

Mir/jds -over

Mir/jds -under

Mir/vel -over

Mir/vel -under

Mirko Filipovic

Mirko/nelson -over

Mirko/nelson -under

Mirsad Bektic

Mis/dal -over

Mis/dal -under

Misrad Bektic

Mit/cab -over

Mit/cab -under

Mit/gom -over

Mit/gom -under

Mit/len -over

Mit/len -under

Mit/lim -over

Mit/lim -under

Mit/mag - Over

Mit/mag - Under

Mit/nel -over

Mit/nel -under

Mit/pie - Over

Mit/pie - Under

Mit/tho -over

Mit/tho -under

Mitch Chilson

Mitch Clarke

Mitch Gagnon

Mitch Jackson

Mitchell/thiago -over

Mitchell/thiago -under

Mizu/per -over

Mizu/per -under

Mizuki Inoue

Mizuto Hirota

Mma Tournament - Metamoris 4

Mohsen Bahari

Moktar Benkaci

Mollie Estes

Molly Helsel

Mon/dod -over

Mon/dod -under

Mon/wes -over

Mon/wes -under

Monterrey Sultans

Mor/car -over

Mor/car -under

Mor/fer -over

Mor/fer -under

Mor/gom -over

Mor/gom -under

Mor/joh -over

Mor/joh -under

Mor/nam -over

Mor/nam -under

More/barry -over

More/barry -under

Motonobu Tezuka

Mou/gus -over

Mou/gus -under

Mourad Bouzidi

Mpu/veg -over

Mpu/veg -under

Muc/van -over

Muc/van -under

Muhammed Lawal

Mukai Maromo

Mul/san -over

Mul/san -under

Mul/sto -over

Mul/sto -under

Mun/wei -over

Mun/wei -under

Munil Adriano

Muno/sonn -over

Muno/sonn -under

Murad Machaev

Mut/tay - Over

Mut/tay - Under

Myles Jury

Myles Price

Mys/law -over

Mys/law -under

Nad Narimani

Nah Shon Burrell

Nah-shon Burrell

Naho Sugiyama

Nak/lim -over

Nak/lim -under

Nak/nog -over

Nak/nog -under

Nam Phan

Nandor Guelmino

Naoyuki Kotani

Nat/cam -over

Nat/cam -under

Nat/cra -over

Nat/cra -under

Nat/zef -over

Nat/zef -under

Nate Diaz

Nate James

Nate Jolly

Nate Landwehr

Nate Marquardt

Nate Moore

Nathan Beer

Nathan Coy

Nathan James

Nathan Schut

Nazareno Malegarie

Nea/san -over

Nea/san -under

Ned/sil -over

Ned/sil -under

Ned/wat -over

Ned/wat -under

Nedkov/cane -over

Nedkov/cane -under

Nee/mcg -over

Nee/mcg -under

Nee/pyl -over

Nee/pyl -under

Neil Grove

Neil Magny

Neil Seery

Neil Wain

Nel/cor -over

Nel/cor -under

Nel/sil -over

Nel/sil -under

Nels/werd -over

Nels/werd -under

Nelson Salas

New/law -over

New/law -under

New/veg -over

New/veg -under

Nicdali Rivera-calanoc

Nicholas Mann

Nicholas Musoke

Nick Budig

Nick Budig

Nick Catone

Nick Denis

Nick Diaz

Nick Gonzalez

Nick Hein

Nick Hinchliffe

Nick Honstein

Nick Kirk

Nick Lentz

Nick Lobosco

Nick Macias

Nick Mamalis

Nick Newell

Nick Nolte

Nick Osipczak

Nick Pace

Nick Penner

Nick Ring

Nick Rossborough

Nick Thompson

Nico Musoke

Nicolae Cury

Nicolas Dalby

Nij/jur -over

Nij/jur -under

Nik Fekete

Nik Lentz

Nikita Krylov

Niklas Backstrom

Nina Ansaroff

Ning Guangyou

Njo/dos -over

Njo/dos -under

Njok/cast -over

Njok/cast -under

No- Cote Not Cut

No- Duran Not Cut

No- Ellenberger Not Cut

No- Fletcher Not Cut

No- Marquardt Not Cut

No- Nick Diaz Not Cut

No- Ricci Not Cut

No- Roop Not Cut

No- Voelker Not Cut

No-edwards/stephens Wont Fight

Noad Lahat

Nob/alc -over

Nob/alc -under

Nobutatsu Suzuki

Noe/law -over

Noe/law -under

Noe/sob - Over

Noe/sob - Under

Noe/zay -over

Noe/zay -under

Noel Ligon

Nog/eva -over

Nog/eva -under

Nog/mir -over

Nog/mir -under

Nog/schaub -over

Nog/schaub -under

Nog/vil -over

Nog/vil -under

Nog/wer -over

Nog/wer -under

Noke/brenneman -over

Noke/brenneman -under

Nolan Ticman

Noo/tho -over

Noo/tho -under

Nordine Taleb

Norifumi Yamamoto

Norma Rueda

Norman Paraisy

Norman Parke

Not - Mckenzie Inside Distance

Not- Alessio Inside Distance

Not- Barao Inside Distance

Not- Barry Inside Distance

Not- Belcher Inside Distance

Not- Belfort Inside Distance

Not- Benavidez Inside Distance

Not- Bendo Inside Distance

Not- Benoist Inside Distance

Not- Bermudez Inside Distance

Not- Bisping Inside Distance

Not- Bocek Inside Distance

Not- Boetsch Inside Distance

Not- Bonnar Inside Distance

Not- Brimage Inside Distance

Not- Brown Inside Distance

Not- Cain Inside The Distance

Not- Carmont Inside Distance

Not- Castillo Inside Distance

Not- Cerrone Inside Distance

Not- Cholish Inside Distance

Not- Clements Inside Distance

Not- Condit Inside Distance

Not- Cote Inside The Distance

Not- D Johnson Inside Distance

Not- D Rosario Inside Distance

Not- Davis Inside Distance

Not- Diaz Inside Distance

Not- Dodson Inside Distance

Not- Dos Anjos Inside Distance

Not- Dunham Inside Distance

Not- E Silva Inside Distance

Not- Easton Inside Distance

Not- Ebersole Inside Distance

Not- Edgar Inside Distance

Not- Elliot Inside Distance

Not- Evans Inside Distance

Not- Faber Inside Distance

Not- Ferguson Inside Distance

Not- Fitch Inside Distance

Not- Garza Inside Distance

Not- Gaudinot Inside Distance

Not- Grant Inside Distance

Not- Griffin Inside Distance

Not- Gsp Inside Distance

Not- Guillard Inside Distance

Not- Gustafsson Inside Distanc

Not- Hamill Inside Distance

Not- Hathaway Inside Distance

Not- Head Inside Distance

Not- Henderson Inside Distance

Not- Hendricks Inside Distance

Not- Herman Inside Distance

Not- Hettes Inside Distance

Not- Hollett Inside Distance

Not- Holloway Inside Distance

Not- Hominick Inside Distance

Not- Hougland Inside Distane

Not- Jabouin Inside Distance

Not- Jds Inside The Distance

Not- Johnson Inside Distance

Not- Jones Inside Distance

Not- Jordan Inside Distance

Not- Jung Inside Distance

Not- Kampmann Inside Distance

Not- Kim Inside The Distance

Not- Kongo Inside Distance

Not- Koscheck Inside Distance

Not- Krauss Inside Distance

Not- Lawlor Inside Distance

Not- Lawrence Inside Distance

Not- Le Inside The Distance

Not- Lineker Inside Distance

Not- Lombard Inside Distance

Not- Lopez Inside Distance

Not- Macdonald Inside Distance

Not- Magalhaes Inside Distance

Not- Maia Inside Distance

Not- Maia Inside The Distance

Not- Maldonado Inside Distance

Not- Mcdonald Inside Distance

Not- Mendes Inside Distance

Not- Menjivar Inside Distance

Not- Miller Inside Distance

Not- Mills Inside Distance

Not- Miocic Inside Distance

Not- Mir Inside The Distance

Not- Nelson Inside Distance

Not- Nogueira Inside Distance

Not- Okami Inside Distance

Not- Oliveira Inside Distance

Not- Ortiz Inside The Distance

Not- Palhares Inside Distance

Not- Penn Inside Ditance

Not- Philippou Inside Distance

Not- Pierson Inside Distance

Not- Poirier Inside Distance

Not- Pokrajac Inside Distance

Not- Prado Inside Distance

Not- Riddle Inside Distance

Not- Ring Inside Distance

Not- Roberts Inside Distance

Not- Rothwell Inside Distance

Not- Rua Inside Distance

Not- Sadollah Inside Distane

Not- Schaub Inside Distance

Not- Shields Inside Distance

Not- Silva Inside Distance

Not- Silva Inside The Distance

Not- Sonnen Inside Distance

Not- Stann Inside Distance

Not- Stephens Inside Distance

Not- Story Inside Distance

Not- Struve Inside Distance

Not- Swanson Inside Distance

Not- Swick Inside Distance

Not- Teixeira Inside Distance

Not- Torres Inside Distance

Not- Yagin Inside Distance

Nun/fre -over

Nun/fre -under

Nurm/shal -over

Nurm/shal -under

O St. Preux

Odo/vas -over

Odo/vas -under

Ogl/gri -over

Ogl/gri -under

Ogl/iaq -over

Ogl/iaq -under

Ogl/rio -over

Ogl/rio -under

Oka/lom -over

Oka/lom -under

Oka/sou -over

Oka/sou -under

Okami/silva -over

Okami/silva -under

Ole Laursen

Oleksiy Oliynyk

Oli Thompson

Oli/bar - Over

Oli/bar - Under

Oli/edg - Over

Oli/edg - Under

Oliv/gonz -over

Oliv/gonz -under

Olive/edwards -over

Olive/edwards -under

Olivier Aubin-mercier

Olivier Pastor

Omari Akhmedov

Omi/gam -over

Omi/gam -under

Ort/gri -over

Ort/gri -under

Ort/lim -over

Ort/lim -under

Ortiz/griffin Goes Distance

Ortiz/griffin Wont Go Distance

Ortiz/nog -over

Ortiz/nog -under

Osp/mous -over

Osp/mous -under

Over 750,000 Average Viewers

Ovince Saint Preux

Ovince St. Preux

Owen Evinger

Owen Roddy

Ozzy Dugulubgov

Pablo Alfonso

Pablo Garza

Pace/torres -over

Pace/torres -under

Paddy Holohan

Pag/hor -over

Pag/hor -under

Pag/jab - Over

Pag/jab - Under

Pag/pic -over

Pag/pic -under

Paige Vanzant

Pal/hio -over

Pal/hio -under

Pal/kry -over

Pal/kry -under

Pal/lom -over

Pal/lom -under

Pal/nun -over

Pal/nun -under

Pal/oka -over

Pal/oka -under

Pal/pie -over

Pal/pie -under

Palasz/griffin -over

Palasz/griffin -under

Pap/ell -over

Pap/ell -under

Pap/pag -over

Pap/pag -under

Papa/east -over

Papa/east -under

Papy Abedi

Par/coo -over

Par/coo -under

Par/fal -over

Par/fal -under

Par/fle -over

Par/fle -under

Par/haw -over

Par/haw -under

Par/rog -over

Par/rog -under

Par/tuc -over

Par/tuc -under

Pascal Krauss

Pat Audinwood

Pat Barry

Pat Cummins

Pat Curran

Pat Healy

Pat Schilling

Pat/eber -over

Pat/eber -under

Patricia Vidonic

Patricio Freire

Patrick Cenoble

Patrick Cote

Patrick Cummins

Patrick Holohan

Patrick Hutton

Patrick Vallee

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Williams

Patrick Ybarra

Patricky Freire

Patricky Pitbull

Patrik Berisha

Patriots & Condit Both Win

Patriots & Diaz Both Win

Patriots Or Condit Lose

Patriots Or Diaz Lose

Patt Barry

Paul Bradley

Paul Buentello

Paul Daley

Paul Felder

Paul Grandbois

Paul Kelly

Paul Marin

Paul Mcveigh

Paul Redmond

Paul Reed

Paul Sass

Paul Taylor

Paulo Filho

Paulo Thiago

Pavel Kusch

Pawel Pawlak

Pay/step -over

Pay/step -under

Pea/sot -over

Pea/sot -under

Pearl Gonzalez

Pearson/barboza -over

Pearson/barboza -under

Pedro Munhoz

Pedro Nobre

Peggy Morgan

Pen/don -over

Pen/don -under

Pen/mac -over

Pen/mac -under

Per/alb -over

Per/alb -under

Per/bak -over

Per/bak -under

Per/jim -over

Per/jim -under

Per/mag -over

Per/mag -under

Per/pen -over

Per/pen -under

Per/sto -over

Per/sto -under

Per/tei -over

Per/tei -under

Perosh/diabate -over

Perosh/diabate -under

Perry Filkins

Pet/cer -over

Pet/cer -under

Pet/hen -over

Pet/hen -under

Pet/law - Over

Pet/law - Under

Pet/mar -over

Pet/mar -under

Pete Spratt

Peter Aerts

Peter Aspenwal

Peter Graham

Peter Queal

Peter Sobotta

Pha/mil -over

Pha/mil -under

Pha/siv -over

Pha/siv -under

Phi/boe -over

Phi/boe -under

Phi/mcg -over

Phi/mcg -under

Phi/sou -over

Phi/sou -under

Phil Baroni

Phil Dace

Phil Davis

Phil Harris

Philip De Fries

Philipe Lins

Phillip De Fries

Phillipe Nover

Phillipou/mcgee Goes To Dec

Phillipou/mcgee Wont Go To Dec

Pic/cof -over

Pic/cof -under

Pic/iaq -over

Pic/iaq -under

Pick/mcdo -over

Pick/mcdo -under

Pickett/barao -over

Pickett/barao -under

Pie/hec -over

Pie/hec -under

Pie/kim -over

Pie/kim -under

Pie/kos -over

Pie/kos -under

Pierson/benoist -over

Pierson/benoist -under

Pin/bra -over

Pin/bra -under

Pin/bro -over

Pin/bro -under

Pin/law -over

Pin/law -under

Pin/sem -over

Pin/sem -under

Piotr Hallmann

Piotr Ptasinksi

Poi/koch -over

Poi/koch -under

Pok/mal -over

Pok/mal -under

Pok/sos -over

Pok/sos -under

Poppies Martinez

Pra/dav -over

Pra/dav -under

Pra/gra -over

Pra/gra -under

Pra/ron -over

Pra/ron -under

Pra/thi -over

Pra/thi -under

Prangley/lombard -over

Prangley/lombard -under

Prat/silva -over

Prat/silva -under

Pri/gra -over

Pri/gra -under

Pri/kon -over

Pri/kon -under

Pri/rog -over

Pri/rog -under

Pri/san -over

Pri/san -under

Pri/sant -over

Pri/sant -under

Prindle/santos -over

Prindle/santos -under

Prindle/sparks -over

Prindle/sparks -under

Pro/nij -over

Pro/nij -under

Przemyslaw Mysiala

Pyle/bro -over

Pyle/bro -under

Pyle/story -over

Pyle/story -under

Que/hal - Over

Que/hal - Under

Que/hol -over

Que/hol -under

Que/vol -over

Que/vol -under

Qui/and -over

Qui/and -under

Qui/joh -over

Qui/joh -under

Quinn Mulhern

Quinton Jackson

R Sparks

R Tirloni

R Whiteford

Rad Martinez

Rafael Calvalcante

Rafael Carvalho

Rafael Cavalcante

Rafael De Freitas

Rafael Dias

Rafael Dos Anjos

Rafael Natal

Rafael Silva

Rafaello Oliveira

Rafal Moks

Rakim Cleveland

Ram/bro -over

Ram/bro -under

Ram/ridd -over

Ram/ridd -under

Rameau Sokoudjou

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Ramiro Hernandez

Ramos/silva -over

Ramos/silva -under

Rampage Jackson

Ramsey Nijem

Rand/ked -over

Rand/ked -under

Randa Markos

Randy Couture

Randy Villarreal

Rani Yahya


Raphael Assuncao

Raphael Butler

Raphael Davis

Raquel Paaluhi

Raquel Pennington

Rashad Evans

Rashid Magomedov

Rashon Lewis

Raul Amaya

Ray Blodget

Ray Borg

Ray Lopez

Ray Sefo

Razak Al-hassan

Reagan Penn

Reem/jds -over

Reem/jds -under

Reggie Pena

Remi Morvan

Remy Bonjasky

Renan Barao

Renato Carneiro

Renato Sobral

Rene Nazare

Renee Forte

Reuben Duran

Rey Docyogen

Rey Trujillo

Reza Madadi

Rhadi Ferguson

Ric/amo -over

Ric/amo -under

Ric/bez -over

Ric/bez -under

Ric/jur -over

Ric/jur -under

Ricardo Abreu

Ricardo Almedia

Ricardo Funch

Ricardo Lamas

Ricardo Romero

Ricardo Talavera

Ricardo Tirloni

Ricco Rodriguez

Rich Attonito

Rich Clementi

Rich Franklin

Rich Gorey

Rich Hale

Richard Hale

Richard Odoms

Richard Patishnock

Richard Walsh

Richard White

Richardson Moreira

Richie Martinez

Richie Vaculik

Richie Whitson

Rick Glenn

Rick Hawn

Rick Story

Rick/cha -over

Rick/cha -under

Ricky Edgeworth

Ricky Goodall

Ricky Legere

Ricky Rainey

Ricky Shivers

Rico Verhoeven

Rid/cle -over

Rid/cle -under

Rid/mil -over

Rid/mil -under

Riddle/clements- Goes Distance

Riddle/clements- Wont Go Dist

Riki Fukuda

Riley/ferguson -over

Riley/ferguson -under

Riley/salas -over

Riley/salas -under

Rin Nakai

Rin/mcg -over

Rin/mcg -under

Rin/phi -over

Rin/phi -under

Ring/boetsch -over

Ring/boetsch -under

Rio/fer -over

Rio/fer -under

Rio/tri -over

Rio/tri -under

Riv/sot -over

Riv/sot -under

River/schaf -over

River/schaf -under

Roan Carneiro

Rob Broughton

Rob Emerson

Rob Font

Rob Kimmons

Rob Mccrum

Rob Mccullough

Rob Sinclair

Rob/jar -over

Rob/jar -under

Rob/kui -over

Rob/kui -under

Rob/loef -over

Rob/loef -under

Rob/mag -over

Rob/mag -under

Rob/oka -over

Rob/oka -under

Rob/sim -over

Rob/sim -under

Rob/str -over

Rob/str -under

Robbie Lawler

Robbie Olivier

Robbie Peralta

Rober/brenn -over

Rober/brenn -under

Robert Drysdale

Robert Mcdaniel

Robert Peralta

Robert Washington

Robert Whiteford

Robert Whittaker

Roberto Vargas

Roberts/okami Goes Distance

Roberts/okami Wont Go Distance

Roc/bel -over

Roc/bel -under

Roc/bro -over

Roc/bro -under

Roc/pie -over

Roc/pie -under

Rockhold/souza -over

Rockhold/souza -under

Rocky Lee

Rod Montoya

Rod/all -over

Rod/all -under

Rodney Glunder

Rodney Housley

Rodney Moore

Rodney Wallace

Rodolfo Marques

Rodolfo Rubio

Rodrigo Cavalheiro

Rodrigo Damm

Rodrigo Goiana De Lima

Rodrigo Lima

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Rog/via -over

Rog/via -under

Rogent Lloret

Roger Bowling

Roger Carroll

Roger Gracie

Roger Hollett

Roger Huerta

Roger Narvaez

Rol/vol -over

Rol/vol -under

Roland Delorme

Rolando Delgado

Roldan Sangcha-an

Rolles Gracie

Rom/sta -over

Rom/sta -under

Roman Salazar

Romario Manoel Da Silva

Romy Ruyssen

Ron Humphrey

Ron Keslar

Ron Sparks

Ron Stallings

Ronaldo "jacare" Souza

Ronaldo Souza

Ronan Mckay

Ronda Rousey

Ronnie Mann

Ronny Markes

Rony "jason" Mariano Bezerra

Rony Jason

Rony Mariano Bezerra

Ronys Torres

Roo/alc -over

Roo/alc -under

Roo/dur -over

Roo/dur -under

Roop/bowl -over

Roop/bowl -under

Roop/hioki -over

Roop/hioki -under

Roop/swan -over

Roop/swan -under

Rory Macdonald

Ros/ale - Over

Ros/ale - Under

Ros/teh -over

Ros/teh -under

Ros/zay -over

Ros/zay -under

Rose Namajunas

Rosi Sexton

Ross Pearson

Ross Pointon

Rossbo/larkin -over

Rossbo/larkin -under

Rot/bro -over

Rot/bro -under

Rot/gon -over

Rot/gon -under

Rot/sch -over

Rot/sch -under

Roth/vera -over

Roth/vera -under

Rousimar Palhares

Roxanne Modafferi

Roy Boughton

Roy Doliguez

Roy Nelson

Royston Wee

Rua/gus -over

Rua/gus -under

Rua/son -over

Rua/son -under

Ruan Potts

Rudy Bears

Rudy Morales

Rus/wer -over

Rus/wer -under

Ruslan Magomedov

Russell Brewer

Russell Doane

Rustam Khabilov

Ryan Bader

Ryan Benoit

Ryan Chiappe

Ryan Couture

Ryan Ford

Ryan Fortin

Ryan Healy

Ryan Hollis

Ryan Jensen

Ryan Jimmo

Ryan Laflare

Ryan Larson

Ryan Martinez

Ryan Mcgillivray

Ryan Quinn

Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roddy

Ryan Thomas

Ryo Chonan

Ryo Kawamura

S Awad

S Carl

S Siliga

Saa/jan -over

Saa/jan -under

Saad Awad

Sabah Fadai

Sad/har -over

Sad/har -over

Sad/har -under

Sad/har -under

Saf/mar -over

Saf/mar -under

Sak/cot -over

Sak/cot -under

Sak/sta -over

Sak/sta -under

Sako Chivitchian

Sal/kuiv -over

Sal/kuiv -under

Sal/mea -over

Sal/mea -under

Sally Krumdiack

Sam Alvey

Sam Oropeza

Sam Sicilia

Sam Stout

San/alc -over

San/alc -under

San/fer -over

San/fer -under

San/gon -over

San/gon -under

San/hal -over

San/hal -under

San/mcc -over

San/mcc -under

San/mel -over

San/mel -under

San/nel -over

San/nel -under

San/san -over

San/san -under

Sanc/ellen -over

Sanc/ellen -under

Sand/denis -over

Sand/denis -under

Santiago Ponzinibbio

Santiago/maia -over

Santiago/maia -under

Sara Mcmann

Sarah Kaufman

Sarah Maloy

Sarah Moras

Sas/vol -over

Sas/vol -under

Sass/johnson -over

Sass/johnson -under

Satoru Kitaoka

Satoshi Ishii

Sau/jur -over

Sau/jur -under

Sau/lim -over

Sau/lim -under

Sau/pic -over

Sau/pic -under

Sau/sic -over

Sau/sic -under

Saul Elizondo

Scan/terr -over

Scan/terr -under

Sch/holl -over

Sch/holl -under

Sch/joh -over

Sch/joh -under

Sch/mit -over

Sch/mit -under

Schafer/simpson -over

Schafer/simpson -under

Schill/pine -over

Schill/pine -under

Sco/whi -over

Sco/whi -under

Scott Askham

Scott Barrett

Scott Carson

Scott Cleve

Scott Holtzman

Scott Jorgensen

Scott Lighty

Scott Mcafee

Scott Smith

Sean Loeffler

Sean Mccorkle

Sean O`connell

Sean Pierson

Sean Shakour

Sean Soriano

Sean Spencer

Sean Strickland

Sean Wilson

Seiji Sugiman-marangos

Semer/pera -over

Semer/pera -under

Semmy Schilt

Seo Hee Ham

Seok Mo Kim

Sergei Kharitonov

Sergej Juskevic

Sergio Cortez

Sergio Moraes

Sergio Pettis

Seth Baczynski

Seth Petruzelli

Sha/bol -over

Sha/bol -under

Sha/cur -over

Sha/cur -under

Sha/dos -over

Sha/dos -under

Sha/mar -over

Sha/mar -under

Sha/pat - Over

Sha/pat - Under

Sha/ric -over

Sha/ric -under

Shah Bobonis

Shahbulat Shamhalaev

Shaj Haque

Shamar Bailey

Shamil Abdurahimov

Shamil Zavurov

Shane Campbell

Shane Campell

Shane Carwin

Shane Crenshaw

Shane Del Rosario

Shane Howell

Shane Kruchten

Shane Nelson

Shane Roller

Shannon Gugerty

Shannon Wiratchai

Shawn Jordan

Shayna Baszler

Sheila Gaff

Sheldon Westcott

Sheymon Moraes

Shi/mai -over

Shi/mai -under

Shintaro Ishiwatari

Shinya Aoki

Shoko Sato

Shunichi Shimizu

Siala Siliga

Sic/bez -over

Sic/bez -under

Sic/bla -over

Sic/bla -under

Sil/alc -over

Sil/alc -under

Sil/bez -over

Sil/bez -under

Sil/bro -over

Sil/bro -under

Sil/cav -over

Sil/cav -under

Sil/elk -over

Sil/elk -under

Sil/fit -over

Sil/fit -under

Sil/fra -over

Sil/fra -under

Sil/gus -over

Sil/gus -under

Sil/lim -over

Sil/lim -under

Sil/mil -over

Sil/mil -under

Sil/ove -over

Sil/ove -under

Sil/sta -over

Sil/sta -under

Sil/vel -over

Sil/vel -under

Sil/zef -over

Sil/zef -under

Sim/pie -over

Sim/pie -under

Simeon Thoresen

Simon Carlsen

Simona Soukupova

Sirwan Kakai

Siv/nun -over

Siv/nun -under

Siv/swa - Over

Siv/swa - Under

Siver/cerrone -over

Siver/cerrone -under

Siyar Bahadurzada

Smealinho Rama

Smi/bra -over

Smi/bra -under

Smi/kor -over

Smi/kor -under

Smi/mcd -over

Smi/mcd -under

Smi/ric -over

Smi/ric -under

Smi/say -over

Smi/say -under

Smith/her -over

Smith/her -under

Soa Palelei

Sofia Bagherdai

Son/jon -over

Son/jon -under

Son/sil -over

Son/sil -under

Sonnen/silva Goes Distance

Sonnen/silva Wont Go Distance

Soo Chul Kim

Soti/noo -over

Soti/noo -under

Soto/mcdon -over

Soto/mcdon -under

Sou/ara -over

Sou/ara -under

Spa/ama -over

Spa/ama -under

Spa/bur -over

Spa/bur -under

Spa/fal -over

Spa/fal -under

Spa/min - Over

Spa/min - Under

Spa/rog -over

Spa/rog -under

Spe/nat -over

Spe/nat -under

Spen/vill -over

Spen/vill -under

Spencer Fisher

Spi/dav -over

Spi/dav -under

Spi/zar -over

Spi/zar -under

Spo/ric -over

Spo/ric -under

Spo/str -over

Spo/str -under

Sta/awad -over

Sta/awad -under

Sta/cor -over

Sta/cor -under

Stanislav Nedkov

Stann/bisping -over

Stann/bisping -under

Stann/sonnen -over

Stann/sonnen -under

Star/herm -over

Star/herm -under

Starks/jacoby -over

Starks/jacoby -under

Ste/cer -over

Ste/cer -under

Ste/fab -over

Ste/fab -under

Ste/rog -over

Ste/rog -under

Ste/san -over

Ste/san -under

Ste/sha -over

Ste/sha -under

Ste/wil -over

Ste/wil -under

Stefan Struve

Stephan Bass

Stephan Bonnar

Stephanie Eggink

Stephen Coll

Stephen Thompson

Stephens/pettis -over

Stephens/pettis -under

Steve Bosse

Steve Cantwell

Steve Carl

Steve Gable

Steve Garcia

Steve Lopez

Steve Mocco

Steve Montgomery

Steve Okeeffe

Steven Dinsdale

Steven Garcia

Steven Kennedy

Steven Peterson

Steven Ray

Steven Siler

Stevie Ray

Sti/gui -over

Sti/gui -under

Sti/roy - Over

Sti/roy - Under

Stin/saff -over

Stin/saff -under

Stipe Miocic

Stit/thom -over

Stit/thom -under

Sto/mai -over

Sto/mai -under

Sto/pag -over

Sto/pag -under

Str/mio -over

Str/mio -over

Str/mio -under

Str/mio -under

Str/san -over

Str/san -under

Struv/herm -over

Struv/herm -under

Struve/barry -over

Struve/barry -under

Stu/kra -over

Stu/kra -under

Sultan Aliev

Suzie Montero

Svetlozar Savov

Swa/pea -over

Swa/pea -under

Swa/poi -over

Swa/poi -under

Swanson/lamas -over

Swanson/lamas -under

Swanson/oliveira -over

Swanson/oliveira -under

T.j. Dillashaw

T.j. Waldburger

Tae Hyun Bang

Taim/wilc -over

Taim/wilc -under

Taisuke Okuno

Taiyo Nakahara

Takafumi Otsuka

Takanori Gomi

Takayo Hashi

Takenori Sato

Takeshi Inoue

Takeya Mizugaki

Takuya Wada

Tal/zar -over

Tal/zar -under

Tam/dill -over

Tam/dill -under

Tam/zha -over

Tam/zha -under

Tamu/assu -over

Tamu/assu -under

Tara Larosa

Tarec Saffiedine

Tasi Edwards

Tat/rou -over

Tat/rou -under

Tateki Matsuda

Tatsuya Kawajiri

Tatsuya Mizuno

Tav/nur -over

Tav/nur -under

Tavar/stout -over

Tavar/stout -under

Taylor Lapilus

Taylor/njokuani -over

Taylor/njokuani -under


Tba/lam - Over

Tba/lam - Under

Tba/tba -over

Tba/tba -under

Tecia Torres

Teddy Holder

Teh/tei -over

Teh/tei -under

Tei/via -over

Tei/via -under

Terry Acker

Terry Davinney

Terry Etim

Terry Martin

Tetsuya Yamato

Tez/cac -over

Tez/cac -under

Tez/lee -over

Tez/lee -under

Thales Leites

Thanh Vu

Thi/kim -over

Thi/kim -under

Thiago "marreta" Santos

Thiago Alves

Thiago Meller

Thiago Michel

Thiago Perpetuo

Thiago Santos

Thiago Silva

Thiago Tavares

Tho/def -over

Tho/def -under

Tho/dia -over

Tho/dia -under

Tho/jor -over

Tho/jor -under

Tho/mel -over

Tho/mel -under

Thomas Almeida

Thomas De Almeida

Thomas Denny

Thomas Vasquez

Thoresen/baczynski -over

Thoresen/baczynski -under

Tiago Dos Santos E Silva

Tiago Trator

Tic/cru -over

Tic/cru -under

Tic/pro -over

Tic/pro -under

Tie Quan Zhang

Tim Boetsch

Tim Carpenter

Tim Chemelli

Tim Elliott

Tim Gorman

Tim Hague

Tim Kennedy

Tim Means

Tim Newman

Tim Snyder

Tim Sylvia

Tim Welch

Timofey Nastyukhin

Timothy Elliott

Timothy Johnson

Timur Valiev

Tina Lahdemaki

Tir/bro -over

Tir/bro -under

Tir/haw -over

Tir/haw -under

Tir/jan -over

Tir/jan -under

Tir/naz -over

Tir/naz -under

Tito Ortiz

Tj Cook

Tj Dillashaw

Tj Grant

Tj Obrien

Tj Waldburger

Toby Imada

Todd Brown

Todd Duffee

Todd Moore

Tok/par - Over

Tok/par - Under

Tom Blackledge

Tom Breese

Tom Deblass

Tom Gallicchio

Tom Lawlor

Tom Maguire

Tom Marcellino

Tom Mckenna

Tom Niinimaki

Tom Watson

Tom Watson

Tom/lin -over

Tom/lin -under

Tomas Penz

Tommy Hayden

Tommy Speer

Tommy Thompson

Tony Bonello

Tony Ferguson

Tony Hervey

Tony Johnson

Tony Lopez

Tony Martin

Tony Sims

Tonya Evinger

Tor Troeng

Tor/spa -over

Tor/spa -under

Travis Bartlett

Travis Browne

Travis Fulton

Travis Marx

Travis Wiuff

Trevor Prangley

Trevor Smith

Trey Houston

Tri/tib -over

Tri/tib -under

Tristan Johnson

Tro/nat -over

Tro/nat -under

Tru/lev -over

Tru/lev -under

Tru/mea -over

Tru/mea -under

Truj/bow -over

Truj/bow -under

Truj/nurm -over

Truj/nurm -under

Tsa/goo -over

Tsa/goo -under

Tsa/lim -over

Tsa/lim -under

Tuerxun Jumabieke

Tyler Stinson

Tyler Toner

Tyron Woodley

Tyrone Glover

Tyrone Spong

Tyson Griffin

Tyson Jeffries

Tyson Nam

Tyson Steele

Ulysses Gomez

Under 750,000 Average Viewers

Uriah Hall

Urijah Faber

Uru/ben -over

Uru/ben -under

Uru/lin -over

Uru/lin -under

Urushit/benavid Goes To Dec

Urushit/benavid Wont Go To Dec

Uye/ben -over

Uye/ben -under

Uyen/yama -over

Uyen/yama -under

Vagner Rocha

Val/edw -over

Val/edw -under

Valentijn Overeem

Valerie Letourneau

Valmir Lazaro

Vanessa Porto

Var/bar -over

Var/bar -under

Var/gui -over

Var/gui -under

Var/lau -over

Var/lau -under

Var/san -over

Var/san -under

Var/tib -over

Var/tib -under

Vaughan Lee

Vaughn Anderson

Ved/gro -over

Ved/gro -under

Veg/wiu -over

Veg/wiu -under

Vel/dos -over

Vel/dos -under

Vem/car -over

Vem/car -under

Vem/leb -over

Vem/leb -under

Ver/rua -over

Ver/rua -under

Via/dil -over

Via/dil -under

Via/dur -over

Via/dur -under

Vianna/shlem -over

Vianna/shlem -under

Vic/chi -over

Vic/chi -under

Vic/pro -over

Vic/pro -under

Vick/nijem -over

Vick/nijem -under

Victor Cheng

Victor Miranda

Victor Odonnell

Victor Valimaki

Vid/her -over

Vid/her -under

Vie/ara -over

Vie/ara -under

Vik Grujic

Viktor Pesta

Vil/bra - Over

Vil/bra - Under

Vil/osp -over

Vil/osp -under

Vila/dantas -over

Vila/dantas -under

Vinc Pichel

Vinc Pichel

Vinc/baga -over

Vinc/baga -under

Vincent Del Guerra

Vinicius Kappke De Quieroz

Vinicius Magalhaes

Vinicius Queiroz

Vinicius Quieroz

Vinnie Lopez

Vinny Magalhaes

Virgil Zwicker

Viscardi Andrade

Vitaly Minakov

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Miranda

Vitor Ribeiro

Vitor Vianna

Vladimir Katyhin

Vladimir Matyushenko

Voe/cot -over

Voe/cot -under

Voe/law -over

Voe/law -under

Vol/hal -over

Vol/hal -under

Vol/rog -over

Vol/rog -under

Vya/fal -over

Vya/fal -under

Vyacheslav Vasilevsky

W Brooks

Waachim Spiritwolf

Wag/dav -over

Wag/dav -under

Waggney Fabiano

Wagner Campos

Wagner Prado

Wagner Silva

Wagnney Fabiano

Wal/ama -over

Wal/ama -under

Wal/cat -over

Wal/cat -under

Wal/ebe -over

Wal/ebe -under

Wal/goo -over

Wal/goo -under

Wal/hec -over

Wal/hec -under

Waldburger/stumpf -over

Waldburger/stumpf -under

Walel Watson

Walker/stone -over

Walker/stone -under

Walt Harris

Walter Harris

Wanderlei Silva

Wang Sai

War Machine

War/cur -over

War/cur -under

War/pach -over

War/pach -under

Warlley Alves De Andrade

Warren Kee

Washington Ferreira

Wat/jab -over

Wat/jab -under

Wat/lei -over

Wat/lei -under

Wat/tav -over

Wat/tav -over

Wat/tav -under

Wat/tav -under

Wataru Takahashi

Wats/dilla -over

Wats/dilla -under

Watson/sand -over

Watson/sand -under

Waylon Lowe

Wayne Murrie

Wayne Phillips

Wee/haw -over

Wee/haw -under

Wei/sil - Over

Wei/sil - Under

Wel/tsa -over

Wel/tsa -under

Wendell Oliveira Marques

Wes Swofford

Wes/gal -over

Wes/gal -under

Wes/hal -over

Wes/hal -under

Wes/mar -over

Wes/mar -under

Whi/pat -over

Whi/pat -under

Whitt/smith -over

Whitt/smith -under

Wil/jas -over

Wil/jas -under

Will Brooks

Will Campuzano

Will Chope

Will Kerr

Will Martinez

William "bubba" Bush

William Bush

William Macario

Williamy Freire

Willian Desousa

Willie Gates

Wilson Gouveia

Wilson Reis

Wim/boc -over

Wim/boc -under

Wim/gra -over

Wim/gra -under

Wim/sas -over

Wim/sas -over

Wim/sas -under

Wim/sas -under

Win/bar -over

Win/bar -under

Win/jor -over

Win/jor -under

Win/pic -over

Win/pic -under

Wis/cle -over

Wis/cle -under

Wis/you -over

Wis/you -under

Wise/oliv -over

Wise/oliv -under

Wisni/guim -over

Wisni/guim -under

Wisni/neer -over

Wisni/neer -under

Won Sik Park

Woo/fre -over

Woo/fre -under

Woo/haw -over

Woo/haw -under

Woo/mar -over

Woo/mar -under

Woo/ric -over

Woo/ric -under


World No Sweep (7-fights)

World Sweep (7-fights)

Yag/hom -over

Yag/hom -under

Yah/gri -over

Yah/gri -under

Yair Rodriguez

Yam/men -over

Yam/men -under

Yama/cyborg -over

Yama/cyborg -under

Yan Cabral

Yan/tav -over

Yan/tav -under

Yancy Medeiros

Yang/mcgee -over

Yang/mcgee -under

Yaotzin Meza

Yasubey Enomoto

Yasuhiro Urushitani

Yes- Alessio Inside Distance

Yes- Barao Inside Distance

Yes- Barry Inside Distance

Yes- Belcher Inside Distance

Yes- Belfort Inside Distance

Yes- Benavidez Inside Distance

Yes- Bendo Inside Distance

Yes- Benoist Inside Distance

Yes- Bermudez Inside Distance

Yes- Bisping Inside Distance

Yes- Bocek Inside Distance

Yes- Boetsch Inside Distance

Yes- Bonnar Inside Distance

Yes- Brimage Inside Distance

Yes- Brown Inside Distance

Yes- Cain Inside The Distance

Yes- Carmont Inside Distance

Yes- Castillo Inside Distance

Yes- Cerrone Inside Distance

Yes- Cholish Inside Distance

Yes- Clements Inside Distance

Yes- Condit Inside Distance

Yes- Cote Gets Cut

Yes- Cote Inside The Distance

Yes- D Johnson Inside Distance

Yes- D Rosario Inside Distance

Yes- Davis Inside Distance

Yes- Diaz Inside Distance

Yes- Dodson Inside Distance

Yes- Dos Anjos Inside Distance

Yes- Dunham Inside Distance

Yes- Duran Gets Cut

Yes- E Silva Inside Distance

Yes- Easton Inside Distance

Yes- Ebersole Inside Distance

Yes- Edgar Inside Distance

Yes- Ellenberger Gets Cut

Yes- Elliot Inside Distance

Yes- Evans Inside Distance

Yes- Faber Inside Distance

Yes- Ferguson Inside Distance

Yes- Fitch Inside Distance

Yes- Fletcher Gets Cut

Yes- Garza Inside Distance

Yes- Gaudinot Inside Distance

Yes- Grant Inside Distance

Yes- Griffin Inside Distance

Yes- Gsp Inside Distance

Yes- Guillard Inside Distance

Yes- Gustafsson Inside Distanc

Yes- Hamill Inside Distance

Yes- Hathaway Inside Distance

Yes- Head Inside Distance

Yes- Henderson Inside Distance

Yes- Hendricks Inside Distance

Yes- Herman Inside Distance

Yes- Hettes Inside Distance

Yes- Hollett Inside Distance

Yes- Holloway Inside Distance

Yes- Hominick Inside Distance

Yes- Hougland Inside Distance

Yes- Jabouin Inside Distance

Yes- Jds Inside The Distance

Yes- Johnson Inside Distance

Yes- Jones Inside Distance

Yes- Jordan Inside Distance

Yes- Jung Inside Distance

Yes- Kampmann Inside Distance

Yes- Kim Inside The Distance

Yes- Kongo Inside Distance

Yes- Koscheck Inside Distance

Yes- Krauss Inside Distance

Yes- Lawlor Inside Distance

Yes- Lawrence Inside Distance

Yes- Le Inside The Distance

Yes- Lineker Inside Distance

Yes- Lombard Inside Distance

Yes- Lopez Inside Distance

Yes- Macdonald Inside Distance

Yes- Magalhaes Inside Distance

Yes- Maia Inside Distance

Yes- Maia Inside The Distance

Yes- Maldonado Inside Distance

Yes- Marquardt Gets Cut

Yes- Mcdonald Inside Distance

Yes- Mckenzie Inside Distance

Yes- Mendes Inside Distance

Yes- Menjivar Inside Distance

Yes- Miller Inside Distance

Yes- Mills Inside Distance

Yes- Miocic Inside Distance

Yes- Mir Inside The Distance

Yes- Nelson Inside Distance

Yes- Nick Diaz Gets Cut

Yes- Nogueira Inside Distance

Yes- Okami Inside Distance

Yes- Oliveira Inside Distance

Yes- Ortiz Inside The Distance

Yes- Palhares Inside Distance

Yes- Penn Inside Distance

Yes- Philippou Inside Distance

Yes- Pierson Inside Distance

Yes- Poirier Inside Distance

Yes- Pokrajac Inside Distance

Yes- Prado Inside Distance

Yes- Ricci Gets Cut

Yes- Riddle Inside Distance

Yes- Ring Inside Distance

Yes- Roberts Inside Distance

Yes- Roop Gets Cut

Yes- Rothwell Inside Distance

Yes- Rua Inside Distance

Yes- Sadollah Inside Distance

Yes- Schaub Inside Distance

Yes- Shields Inside Distance

Yes- Silva Inside Distance

Yes- Silva Inside The Distance

Yes- Sonnen Inside Distance

Yes- Stann Inside Distance

Yes- Stephens Inside Distance

Yes- Story Inside Distance

Yes- Struve Inside Distance

Yes- Swanson Inside Distance

Yes- Swick Inside Distance

Yes- Teixeira Inside Distance

Yes- Torres Inside Distance

Yes- Voelker Gets Cut

Yes- Yagin Inside Distance

Yes-edwards/stephens Wil Fight

Yoel Romero

Yoislandy Izquierdo

Yosdenis Cedeno

Yoshihiro Akiyama

Yoshihiro Nakao

Yoshiro Maeda

Yoshiyuki Nakanishi

Yoshiyuki Yoshida

You/abe -over

You/abe -under

You/per -over

You/per -over

You/per -under

You/per -under

You/rid -over

You/rid -under

You/tho -over

You/tho -under

Young/omigawa -over

Young/omigawa -under

Yui Chul Nam

Yuki Sasaki

Yuri Alcantara

Yuri Alcantra

Yuri Villefort

Yushin Okami

Yusup Saadulaev

Yuta Sasaki

Yuya Shirai

Yves Edwards

Yves Jabouin

Zac Chavez

Zac George

Zach Freeman

Zach Makovsky

Zach Underwood

Zack Makovsky

Zack Micklewright

Zack Surdyka

Zak Cummings

Zar/kor -over

Zar/kor -under

Zay/new -over

Zay/new -under

Zay/sob -over

Zay/sob -under

Zeilton Rodrigues

Zelg Galesic

Zha/tuc -over

Zha/tuc -under

Zhang Lipeng

Zhuikui Yao

Zin/tat -over

Zin/tat -under

Zoila Frausto

Zoila Frausto Gurgel

Zoila Gurgel

Zorobabel Moreira

Zubair Tuhugov

Zubaira Tukhugov