Know Who’s Fighting – Betting On Boxing Strategy Part 1

Is there anything better than watching a pair of grown men try and knock the tar out of each other?
Yes – making money while watching these two pound each other to a pulp.
Betting has been a big part of boxing for a long time, but it’s something that some people think is difficult to learn, or they think it’s not worth the risk.
If you break the betting process down into three simple parts, you can see how easy it is for you to make some extra cash by paying attention, and playing smart.  Over the next few blog posts, we will look at each component to give you the best information to maximize your return.
Step 1 – Know who’s fighting
It’s important to know who is on the card, how they’ve been training, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and what their history is in each situation. 
You should treat your betting strategy the same as an investment, and research both fighters thoroughly.  This way you can have a strong idea as to how the match will play out. 
What should you know before you place your bet?
What is the current record of the two fighters?  Is either one on a winning or losing streak?  This alone doesn’t mean they will win or lose this match, but trends are an important aspect of each fight. 
What is the training regimen for them?  Here is where your research skills might be tested a bit.  Follow as much information as you can about the fighters.  Are they over training, or not training enough?  Have they suffered any injuries recently that might affect how they train?  If you know their prefight rituals, you can pick up valuable information that you can use to estimate who will win the fight.
Know the fighting styles of the boxers.  How does the favorite do against the underdog’s fighting style? They might not have fought each other before, but if the favorite is a sucker for a left hook, and the underdog is a southpaw, this will likely have an impact on the outcome.  Is one slow in the first round, but strong in the fifth?  Check the previous fights and see where your fighter won or lost the bout.  This will be very valuable info when you go to place your next bet.
Listen for the gossip – are there any relationship issues?  De la Hoya slaughtered Forbes in the next match after the pics of his cross-dressing escapades were leaked.  Personal issues can be used by or against the fighter, so keep your ears open for fight gossip.
The more you know about the fighters, the easier it will be for you to pick a winner – if you bet smart, you don’t need luck.
The next two posts will focus on the remaining steps to betting on boxing.
Step 2 – Know the odds

Step 3 – Don’t be greedy

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