MMA gambling lines 

Gambling Lines for MMA

MMA gambling lines (or odds) are also sometimes called moneylines.  Your standard MMA line for a fight might look something like this...

  • Brock Lesnar (-245)
  • Randy Couture (+165)

How To Gamble On This Fight

In this fight, Brock Lesnar would be the favorite at -245.  This means that for every $2.45 you bet on Brock, you will profit $1 if he wins.  So if you bet $245 on Brock Lesnar to win, and he wins the fight you will profit $100.

If Brock loses the fight then you will lose your original $245 bet.

Now if you were to bet on Randy Couture in this fight, he would be the underdog. Couture at +165 means that he is the underdog in this fight.  For every $1 you bet on Couture, you would profit $1.65.  So if you were to bet $100 on Randy and he wins the fight, you'd profit $165.

If you bet $100 on Randy, and he loses the fight then you would just be out your original $100 bet.  Even though you could win $165, you wouldnt have to lose $165, because you're betting on the underdog.

Why Are MMA Gambling Lines Like This?

MMA lines might be a bit confusing to you if you're new to gambling.

The main reason the lines are like this is to even out the odds for the sportsbooks.  If every line was straight up even, everyone would just bet on the favorites and the sportsbooks would lose money on every fight.

Unlike sports such as football and basketball where there is a pointspread (Eagles -7), MMA fights must have a moneyline to even out the betting action on each side of the spread.

Where To Find The Best MMA Betting Lines

You can find the best MMA odds for each and every fight listed on our home page, or you can visit or page about online sportsbooks, which shows you the best websites to place your MMA bets at.