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Betting at Online Sportsbooks for US Players

Many online sportsbooks currently do not accept bettors from the United States. We do not recommend or condone illegal gambling on MMA. We also do not earn advertising revenues from any sportsbook mentioned on this page from ads. We only promote real money fantasy betting sites.

With that out of the way there are 3 online sportsbooks that do, and luckily they are four of the best and most trustworthy sportsbooks on the planet. All of these companies have been in business for 10+ years and they are highly respected in the gambling community.

Real Money Fantasy and Traditional Sportsbooks

#1 – ONLY LEGAL MMA BETTING OPTION FOR US CUSTOMERS! Must be daily fantasy but now allows for MMA bets and seems to be kicking off faster than online sportsbooks because of legality and real money bets accepted now by paypal and credit cards.

Offshore sites (traditional betting style) – Bovada accepts eWalletXpress and Rapid Transfer as deposit options. Bovada also has some of the best options for betting on non UFC fight leagues. Also popular in Canada. – They accept some credit cards and bank transfers. Really a good “world wide” known betting site although their primary domain at was seized by the FBI, they remain the top three most reliable and safe online sportsbook. – They have always paid clients, as does the other two I recommend and while they have the lowest odds in the industry it’s highly unlikely to have deposits clear as they don’t accept very many credit cards. You are a fortunate one if you have a 5dimes money account.

Tips for Depositing into Sportsbooks

Tip 1. ALWAYS bet with a trusted, and verified sportsbook that we or others mention and has a long time reputation. If you’ve been gambling for a while you probably know there are some sportsbooks which show up and are gone just 2 weeks later. Your money will be gone and you’ll never have a chance to get it back again. It’s pretty simple, always do your research where you put your money! This happens all the time with shady sportsbooks. As a bettor myself who has been burned before, I only use the best MMA sportsbooks that have been around for 10+ years.

Tip 2. If your credit is rejected just try somewhere else, you have 3 options and fantasy betting if all three reputable sportsbooks don’t allow you to deposit. If you really want to deposit moneygram and western union are there, but it’s a true pain in the butt and not worth it imo.

Tip 3. If you’d like to bet with a safe and reputable sportsbook, check out one of the recommended sites listed above. If you are at all hesitant with sports betting or it is illegal in your territory we recommend fantasy betting as the safest alternative compared to that of traditional bookies.

Author: Rory Aldo
Copyright 2015

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