USA Online Sportsbooks for MMA betting

USA MMA Betting sites

MMA Betting with Online Sportsbooks for US Players

Many international sportsbooks currently do not accept bettors from the United States. The other scenario are USA online sportsbooks that do not offfer MMA betting, bummer.

We do not recommend or condone illegal gambling on MMA or earn advertising revenues from any sportsbook mentioned on this page, and instead promote real money fantasy betting sites.

With that out of the way there are 3 online sportsbooks that DO accept American bettors, and luckily they are four of the best and most trustworthy sportsbooks on the planet. All of these companies have been in business for 10+ years and are highly respected in the gambling community.

Real Money Fantasy and Traditional Sportsbooks

#1 Draftkings.comONLY LEGAL MMA BETTING OPTION FOR USA CUSTOMERS! A fantasy betting site but now offers MMA bets and seems to be kicking off faster than online sportsbooks in the country, higly addictive after the first try. The site now accepts real money bets through Paypal and credit cards as a depsit method.

Check out these other options and the steps to make a deposit on Draft Kings.

Offshore Sportsbooks for American Users (traditional betting style)

American MMA betting sites – Bovada accepts eWalletXpress and Rapid Transfer as deposit options. Bovada also has some of the best betting selections for betting on non UFC fighting leagues. Also popular in Canada were online betting is legal through specific sportsbooks. – AcceptS credit cards and bank transfers from the USA as most offshore sites. A well known international sportsbook that has been around for more than 10 years. The only past issue known to was when their main domain was seized by the FBI some time back for taxing issues, but they remain on the top three most reliable and safe online sportsbook. – 5dimes has always paid their clients on time and posses the most favorable odds in the American market. Only American and Canadian credit cards are accepted as ad deposit method, mainly Visa. Other funding options are available like Walmart and Amazon gift cards or Bitcoin.

*To determine which are the best fights of the day stay tuned on upcoming matchs around the world with SherDog [1].

Tips for Depositing into Sportsbooks

Tip 1. ALWAYS bet with a trusted, and verified sportsbooks with a long time reputation. If you’ve been gambling for a while you know t sportsbooks come and go in a time span of three years, so make sure you are working with a time reputable site.

Another smart move would be to review the TOS (Terms and Conditions) first thing before claiming a bonus. Jump all the way down to were the Bonus terms are and know exactly what is the wagering conditions. The most common thing would be to claim a $100 bonus and have to bet it to the sum of more than $3,000 before you can claim any winnings.

Also check what it says about betting strategies. Many sportsboks forbid most of the sleesy techniques you have in mind to protect your winnings, like after winning big money you decide to place multiple small bets to fulfill the betting requirement. That is a big No No, they want to to bet consistently through time or your balance can be frozen. Most of these conditions come with bonus terms, so be prepared to play by the rules when claiming them. There are other legal ways to apply these strategies by opening several sportsbooks accounts and distributing betting systems on several sites, it is effective.

Tip 2. If your credit is rejected just try somewhere else, you have 3 sportbook options and DRaftKings if all three reputable sportsbooks don’t allow you to deposit. If you really want to deposit Moneygram and Western Union are an option as explained on our MMA betting guide, but it’s a true pain in the butt and not worth it when you got all other options.

Tip 3. American Bettors need to check twice about how they are going to withdraw money from offshore betting sites. Making a deposit with a credit card is easy, but sometimes those options aren´t available when claiming your winnings. Plus some states forbid banks and credit cards to accept transfers from betting sites, so check your local state law before betting online. Ask support on the live chat box about this.

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Author: Rory Aldo
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