Best UFC knockouts of 2009

There were some amazing bouts last year, and after the disappointing match between Silva and Maia in UFC 112, we here at thought it might be good to reflect on some of the outstanding knockouts from 2009.
The fighters are normally well matched up, but there are some fights where one of the fighters does more than just win – he annihilates his opponent. In the blink of an eye you go from two guys, squared off and jabbing tentatively, to one fighter falling to the mat with the other fighter, fueled by adrenaline and the bigger desire to win, still landing blows.  One guy napping, and one guy scrapping. 
You’ve gotta love mma.
Here are our picks for the best 3 knockouts of 2009  (and yes, these are only our opinion.  You’re allowed to disagree!)
Number 3
UFC 102 – Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia
The announcers are still shilling for the sponsors when Marquardt casually avoids a big kick from Maia, and lands a solid right on Maia’s glass jaw.  And the best part was, Marquardt moved in to land another big blow, saw that Maia was seeing stars, and stepped off like a true sportsman.  Guy’s got class and talent.
Number 2
UFC 95 – Nate Marquardt vs. Wilson Gouveia
No, this isn’t a blog post from Marquardt’s fan club. Even though we think Nate the Great is an amazing fighter, we reviewed numerous videos to determine the best of 2009.  And a 10 hit combo certainly makes the list.  Marquardt hits Gouveia with everything until Gouveia’s legs buckle, and he slites down the ropes to have a nap on the canvas.  If you watch the video in slow motion, you can see pure poetry in motion.
Number 1
Affliction: Day of Reckoning –  Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski
You’ve got to watch the replay at least three times to see how Emelianenko clobbers Arlovski.  Arlovski had him backed into a corner, jumps up to do a flying knee, and then all of sudden he’s a quivering mess on the mat.  3 minutes into the first round, and he is down and out.  The speed of Arlovski is no match for the power of Emelianenko.  Another amazing knockout
Check around the web for these videos, as they are exceptional examples of some of the best rounds of 2009.
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