Boxing Betting Part 2

In the last post I stressed the importance of knowing everything you can about the fighters before you place your bet. 
This is the same info that the sportsbooks will use to set the odds, so it’s important for you to know how the odds are determined before you worry about what they are.
When you have enough background information about your fighters, now is the time to start paying attention to the odds.  You’ve analyzed the fight, and you are pretty confident that you know who is going to win, and because you’ve seen enough of the previous fights, you’re pretty sure you can predict the round the fight will end in. 
When you go to place your bet, you are going to see the info about the fighters. 
You’ll see who is fighting, where, when, and most importantly, the odds. The odds are going to be shown in a + or – format, and this means that the boxer with a negative number beside his name (-) is the favorite, and the boxer with a positive number (+) by his name is the underdog. 
This is where you can make your money, because you’ve got just as much of a chance of picking the winner as the sportsbooks do.
For example:
Match: Marquez vs. Mepranum
Betting line: Marquez -500 Mepranum +400
With these odds, if you bet $500 on Marquez, and he won, you would win $100
But – if you bet $100 on Mepranum, and he won, you would net $400. 
After some heavy duty research, you predicted that Mepranum would win.
Even though Marquez was undefeated, Mepranum had been showing some fantastic skills in the bouts coming up to this match.  This bet was a good risk, because the odds were heavily in favor of Marquez, but you knew that it would be much closer than the betting line predicted. 
So you put down $100 on the Filipino Underdog.  The next day, you’d need to buy a new wallet to hold the extra $400.  That’s smart betting.
Another part of the bet involves how long you think the match will go.  This is represented in the Over/Under, and the odds change accordingly.  It’s a bit harder to predict how long a match will go, but if you are confident you can increase your winnings, or minimize your risk. 
In the Marquez vs. Mepranum fight, the over/under was (over 9.5 +105 Under 9.5 -130), and Mepranum won with a unanimous decision in the 10th.  Had you bet $100 on the match going to the 10th round, you would have added another $105 to your fat wallet.
By using your research of the  fighters, and choosing the fights that give you the best odds, you can make good money while enjoying a great fight. 
Remember, betting on boxing isn’t about picking a winner; it’s about making money by knowing more than the sportsbooks do. 
Use the information that they give you against them, and laugh all the way to the bank.  Remember, if you bet smart – you don’t need luck.
The next post will focus on the final tip to smart betting – Don't be Greedy…
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