4 Basic Tips to Betting MMA

DraftKings is most popular safe and legal way to make money betting on UFC in the United States. We put together a quick  to give you the basics of how it works, so make sure to check that out. Once you’ve figured out how to pick a lobby and draft a team is when the real fun begins. You have to understand the basics, but we also wanted to offer a few quick tips to help you maximize your profit on Draftkings.

Tip #1: Favorites Are Not Your Friends

DraftKings MMA uses a salary cap system in which each fighter is assigned a value. Generally, these values are related to the traditional odds on the fight, which means that the bigger a betting favorite a fighter is, the more it’s going to cost to draft him. While it might seem like sound strategy to pay more for a great chance at a win, it’s going to backfire on the back end of the team drafting process. To succeed in DraftKings MMA you have to find value in every slot on your fighter roster. Paying big for a huge favorite can come back to bite you when you’re stuck picking a massive underdog just to stay under the salary cap. Instead of picking the big favorites and then compensating, try to find the fighters in close fights with a stylistic matchup so that you can make 5 solid picks instead of 2 great ones and 3 stinkers.

Tip #2: Styles Make Fights

This is an old cliché at this point, but it’s an important fact to remember. You can’t just look at records, or how popular and famous a fighter is. Even though MMA fighters are increasingly well-rounded, every fighter has strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes a guy who is coming off a few straight losses is perfectly positioned to exploit the weaknesses of a guy riding a win streak. Familiarize yourself with as many fighters as possible and understand their strong points and their weak points if you want to enjoy sustained success playing DraftKings MMA.

Tip #3: Watch Smaller Shows

Obviously, UFC is the big leagues, and that’s where you’ll find most of the world’s best fighters. Hardly any of those fighters started their careers in UFC, though. They all had to work their way up to that point, competing on smaller shows. UFC is constantly recruiting talent from other organizations, and it’s a safe bet that most of your DraftKings MMA opponents don’t watch those shows. Knowing what a guy is capable of before he competes in the Octagon will give you a huge leg up on your competitors. Remember, fights odds are based on public perception, not reality. The simple fact that a fighter is unknown might give him longer odds, and educated DraftKings MMA players will snag those value picks every time.

Tip #4: Have Fun!

It might sound trite but it’s true. If you’re playing DraftKings MMA purely for profit, stressing out and not enjoying yourself, you’re going to perform poorly. Remember why you enjoyed MMA in the first place, and think of DraftKings MMA as a way to make your next UFC show even more enjoyable. The more fun you’re having with it, the more enthusiastically you’re going to research fighters and follow those smaller shows. The goal is to make money, but it’s still a game. If you approach it like that and have fun finding those quality picks other people are ignoring or capitalizing on an especially cheap fighter, the profits will follow.

Author: Rory Donaldson

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