FanDuel Betting Review

Important Note:  Fanduel does not currently offer betting on MMA events.  We expect them to have fight betting available by the year 2016.  Please see Draftkings (review) for our recommended real money betting site for MMA fights.

FanDuel is at the forefront of a new wave of “Fantasy Betting” sites. These sites, which unlike traditional sportsbooks are 100% legal in the United States, offer a safe, fun, innovative way to make money betting on sports online.

What is Fantasy Betting?

Fantasy betting is a hybrid of fantasy sports and traditional online sports betting. You enter a contest, pick a team, and compete for cash prizes. The difference between FanDuel and normal fantasy sports is that a FanDuel lobby only lasts for one day. No season-long commitment, no daily roster management. Just pick a team, compete, and win real money.

Which Sports Can I Wager On?

As of now, FanDuel does not offer UFC or MMA betting. It is inevitable that they will eventually, but in the meantime you can grow your bankroll by wagering on most of the major team sports, such as:

  • MMA bets expected very shortly
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NCAA Football

How Does it Work?

FanDuel, like other fantasy betting sites, operates on a single-day, draft-style fantasy sports system. Each participant is given a certain amount of “salary cap”, and each available player is assigned a salary number. You must draft your team without exceeding the salary cap, at which point you will compete against other gamblers in short, one-day fantasy sports contests with real money prizes.

Is it Safe?

Since fantasy sports are considered a game of skill, FanDuel is exempt from U.S. laws banning online sports wagering. That means that FanDuel and other similar sites are the only way to legally bet on sports online in the United States. It’s safe, legal, fun, and most importantly…

Is it Profitable?

It’s profitable! The short duration of the games and the vast number of options you have mean that skilled players can start seeing sizable profits extremely quickly.

Which Deposit Options are Available?

FanDuel accepts most major credit cards as well as PayPal.

How Will I Be Paid?

You can either withdraw your winnings instantly into your verified PayPal account or be paid with a check that will be mailed to you.

Are There Any Deposit Bonuses?

When you make your first deposit, FanDuel will match a percentage of the amount. The bonus can be as small as $3 extra on a $10 deposit or as large as $150 extra on a $200 deposit. In addition, they offer a full money-back guarantee on your initial deposit, up to $100. If you make a deposit, lose your game, and decide FanDuel isn’t for you, they will refund 100% of your initial deposit, up to $100. Go give it a try today, you literally have nothing to lose!

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