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Boxing Odds and How To Read Them

The odds on boxing fights are a bit confusing if you don’t know how to read them.  The betting odds for a fight usually look something like this…

  • Mike Tyson  (-320)
  • Evander Holyfield (+210)

Favorite Betting

In this example, Mike Tyson would be the favorite in the fight.  And his odds for the fight are -320, which is the same as 3.2-1.  So for every $3.20 you bet on Mike Tyson you would profit $1 if he won.  So if you bet $320 on Tyson and he wins, then you would profit $100.

If Tyson loses the fight, you would lose $320.

Underdog Betting

In this example, Evander Holyfield would be the underdog.  His odds for the fight are +210, which means for every $1 you bet on the fight you would profit $2.10.  So if you bet $100 on Holyfield and he wins the bout, then you will have profited $210.

If Holyfield were to lose the fight you would be out just your original $100.

Totals Odds In Boxing Betting

Some sportsbooks in Las Vegas and online, put out odds on the total amount of rounds the fight will go.  So a total for this fight might look like this.

  • Over 10.5 rounds  (-145)
  • Under 10.5 rounds (+110)

With a totals bet you’re not betting on a fighter, you’re just betting whether or not the fight will go over or under the amount of rounds set by the sportsbook.

So if you think the fight will go less than 10.5 rounds, then you would bet on the Under 10.5 rounds at +110.  And just like with the odds above you would be wagering $100 to win $110 of profit.

Totals bets are very popular in other sports like football, but usually only get a lot of action in boxing when there is a big super fight ( ex.. Mayweather/De La Hoya).

In the future we will have a full guide for betting on boxing along with the same sort of boxing odds that are updated live at

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