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Is Dana White Good or Bad?

Dana White uses the f-word like some people use the word "um". White is famous for being the CEO and visible leader of the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts promotion, based in Las Vegas Nevada.

White is unmistakable with his thick frame, shaved bald head, and almost constant smile.  He is known to be as aggressive in his business ventures as he is with his language.  White wasn't always been a powerful force in the professional fighting game, though.

White's roots are in New England where he grew up as a giant boxing fan.  In the 90's Dana White relocated to Las Vegas and worked as an aerobics instructor at various gyms.  Eventually White raised the stakes in his career while he was managing MMA fighters Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

In January of 2001, Dana White found the opportunity that would enable him to become the man we all know today.  White contacted childhood friend Lorenzo Fertitta about purchasing a struggling UFC.  Lorenzo and his brother Frank were convinced by Dana White to buy the floundering MMA promotion for $2 million and to let White serve as president of the newly found parent company of the UFC, Zuffa, LLC.

Even after becoming president, there was no telling the man that Dana White would eventually become.  The UFC struggled mightily to be profitable.  According to reports, in 2004 the UFC had faced losses of close to $35 million since being purchased.  According to an interview that Dana White did with The Opie and Anthony show, that all changed with the start of the UFC reality show.

The Ultimate Fighter tv show was developed by Dana White and SpikeTV to try to bring the sport of mixed martial arts to the masses.  The TV show helped the UFC gain a whole new level of popularity amongst the largely male-centric audiences on SpikeTV.

It also created the perfect vehicle for Dana White to emerge as the brash personality that UFC fans know today.  On the show, White filled the role of host, father figure, drill sergeant, and dictator at various times.

His personality certainly lends itself to conflict.  White never shies away from his brash vocabulary of epithets.  It has landed him in hot water on occasion, and is sometimes a target of critics of the violent sport that Dana White represents.

It has also caused him to have on-again, off-again relationships with some fighters.  His highest profile battles have occurred with Tito Ortiz.  White even went so far as to stop Ortiz from using a picture of him wearing the UFC championship belt on the cover of Ortiz' book.

Divisive as Dana White can be, he is an unorthodox ambassador for the UFC and mixed martial arts as a sport.  As he continues to guide the UFC to larger and larger popularity, he paves the way for increased legitimacy of mixed martial arts in the United States and around the world whether some fans love him or hate him.

As for success, it is now undeniable.  After the UFC was purchased for $2 million in 2001 and after being dragged down by losses for years, Dana White has helped guide the company to an estimated worth of over $1 billion according to Forbes magazine.

With that kind of success under his belt, it would seem White might almost be completely immune to whatever trouble his big dirty mouth might be able to find.

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Author Rory Aldo

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