MMA Fighting Styles

So youre tired of working at your 9 to 5 day job, and you think youve got the skills to make it in the Mixed Martial Arts arena ; sounds like a great idea, but what kind of fighting style are you going to choose?

First, youll need to decide what your primary technique is: grappling or striking. Do you have the speed and agility to win each match through submissions or do you have the power to knock your opponent out with a well placed strike?

If you think grappling is the right strategy for you, you could consider:

* Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
* shoot wrestling
* catch wrestling
* Judo
* Sambo

If you’d rather hit your way into the next division, then you might look at:

* boxing
* kickboxing
* Muay Thai
* full contact karate

Choosing one of the above is only part of the equation. Not only should you use a few different fighting styles, you should learn how to defend yourself against the other techniques.
The main rules in MMA are no biting, no groin hits, no small joint manipulation, and no eye gouging.

Everything else is pretty open, so use the style that works best for you. Taking the best of one style to use against an opponent that uses another style can help you walk out of the octagon instead of being carried out.

Good luck on your road to MMA success!

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