Boxing Betting Guide - How To Bet on Boxing 

Betting on boxing can be confusing if you're new to betting on fights.

Unlike football where there is a point spread and one team is favored, in boxing the "spread" is called a moneyline.

The moneyline basically balances out the fact that one fighter is better than the other, so if you want to bet on the better fighter you'll need to bet more money.

Here's an example...

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr  (-210)
  • Roy Jones  (+145)

Boxing Favorites

In this fight, Floyd is the favorite at -210.  This means for every $2.10 you bet, you'll win $1 if he wins.  So if you bet $210 on Floyd and he wins the fight, you'll PROFIT $100.

If he loses the fight then you'll lose $210.

How To Bet Underdogs

At +145 Roy Jones is the underdog in this fight.  So for every $1 you bet on Roy Jones you will win $1.45 if he wins the fight.

So if you bet $100 on Roy and he wins, you'll profit $145.  If he loses the fight, you'll just be out your original $100.

How To Bet Over/Unders in Boxing

Some online sportsbooks allow you to place bets on the amount of rounds the fight will last. These are called Totals or Over/Under Bets

So if they place the over/under number at 10 rounds, you can bet whether you think the fight will go over or under that number.

For example the odds may look like this...

  • Over 10 rounds -270
  • Under 10 rounds  +190

Most of the time, the "over" bet will be the favorite when it comes to the moneyline.  If one fighter is heavily favored in the match because he's a lot better, then there will be a better chance at a knockout, and in this situation the "over" will not be the favorite on the over/under bet.

Websites To Bet On Boxing

There are lots of online sportsbooks that allow you to bet on boxing.

However, there are only a few that I would recommend.  I only bet online with legit companies that have been around for a good number of years.  Some of the betting sites out there are open one day and gone the next, so don't trust your money to just anybody.

My favorite sites for betting on boxing are...

All of these websites allow players from the United States and they're very good at paying out when you request your money.  This is a continuation article on how to be on boxing and what boxing odds mean.