The UFC Betting Guide 

UFC betting guide
Are you the kinda guy that is able to pick a winner every time you watch two guys get in the octagon?  Are you tired of stupid side bets with your buddies - and now you're ready to start putting your money to work for you? 

Here are my 3 best tips for UFC betting.

Step 1 - Understand The Odds

Every fight is going to have a favorite and an underdog.  The sportsbooks (the folks that you place your bet with) will let you know what the moneyline is. 

This is how they can balance out the odds to make sure that there is a chance for you to make some money.  The moneyline is determined from a few different datapoints, but it's the sportsbook that gets to set these odds. 

The moneyline is shown as a positive or negative number, and this is how you can figure out the payout when you win the bet.

If the match is Jon Jones vs. Brandon Vera, the money line might look like this:

Jon Jones -270

Brandon Vera +210 

In this fight, Jones is the favorite, and Vera is the underdog. 

If you bet on Jones and he wins, you would get $1 for every $2.70 you bet.  BUT - if Vera wins, you would get $2.10 for every dollar you bet. 

Not too bad for watching a couple of guys knock the crap out of each other - pretty easy money, right? 

Step 2 - Know The Fighters...

If you are going to invest your money on a fight, you want to make sure that you are going to get something back. 

Here, you need to do as much research as you can to help you make the right bet. 

In the Jones/Vera match, you would look to see how well Vera has done against other fighters with Jones style. 

Is there anything that might give Vera an edge against Jones that the sportsbooks haven't considered?  The more you know about the fighters, the better you can predict who is going to win the fight.  If you know it's the underdog that's going to win - bet big.   

Step 3 - Find A Safe & Secure Sportsbook

Make sure that you are betting somewhere reputable.  There's no point in figuring out who is going to win if the place that you have your bet screws you out of your money (it happens more than you think)

Check around, and find a site that you can trust.  In the past 4 years, I've bet at over 60 different sportsbooks.  Here are my 3 favorite betting sites (and reviews of each) in terms of the best odds and the safest...

We'll be going over a few betting ideas in the next few posts, so make sure you check back here to get the right info about betting on UFC.  With the right information, you won't need any luck. 

- Justin

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