Are There Professional MMA Gamblers?

Is there such thing as a professional MMA gambler? Not that I know of…

Unlike professional bettors who bet on sports like the NFL, college basketball and college football – MMA bettors must try and pick their spots only a few times a month. In all honesty for most people less bets means the better chance they have at “losing less”.

Also remember, you can get into free betting pools for MMA events. Lots of sites will host “Pick em” contests for free where you can win free money if you make the top picks. Fantasy options are available for free but also for real money in which you can make good money off of the overlays – also known as the ‘guarantee events’.

With there only being a few big fight shows each month it’s tough to find good fights to bet on. Your average professional bettor will not be able to find enough fights to bet on to make a living.

Here’s a few more things Ive observed about MMA gamblers…
Most people bet for fun or with their friends. While there are plenty of respected US online sportsbooks most of the bets being placed on fights are just between friends but as of 2015 more and more people are getting into the fantasy betting because of its legality.

Serious sports bettors may place bets on a big MMA fight or boxing match, but there’s not enough fights or high enough limits to make big money betting on mma fights.

Professional sports bettors bet on underdogs

Most of the professional bettors that I know focus on the underdog when making a pick. As a sports bettor, you can learn alot from them because this is where all the money is!

The general public usually loses money because they bet on the favorites all the time. The sportsbooks know this and they take advantage of it by giving the favorite worse odds than they usually would.
There’s more value in the smaller fights

Gambling on the Undercards

If you know a decent amount about MMA, then you’ll know some of the undercard and smaller fighters strengths and weaknesses.

Most of the undercard fights go unnoticed by the general public so there is a lot more value in betting on these fights. The mega fights like Couture-Lesnar have a lot of hype and the odds on the fight are generally dead on. You really aren’t going to find any “bad lines”.


If you’d like to bet on MMA, then my advice to you would be to bet on the underdogs as much as you can and also find the value in fighters who are on the undercard. You can see more on how gambling lines work here and also on our UFC odds explanations.

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