How To Bet On MMA Fights 

Exactly How MMA Betting Works

Betting on MMA fights can add a lot of excitement to your fight nights.

As a former "big time" sports bettor, ahem not really, I'm going to answer your questions and explain to you how the betting odds work and how you can make money during fight night.

How Fight Odds Work

Unlike a spread on a football game where one team is getting a certain amount of points (ex. Saints +7), in MMA fights the line on the game is what's called a money line.

So for a MMA fight you might see the following odds on a fight...

  • Georges St. Pierre  (-245)
  • Thiago Alves  (+185)

In this fight, GSP would be the favorite and at -245 it means for every $2.45 you bet, you will win $1 if he wins the fight.  So if you bet $245 on GSP and he wins, you'd profit $100.

If GSP were to lose though, you'd lose the full $245.

If you were to bet on Thiago Alves at +185, you would would win $1.85 for every $1 you bet.  So if you bet $100 on Thiago and he wins the fight, you will profit $185.

If Thiago were to lose the fight, you'd lose your original $100 bet.

Why Do The Odds Change?

Depending on how people are betting on the fights, the odds will shift from the moment they open up right up until the night of the fight.

If you plan on betting on the underdog it's usually best to wait til closer to the fight to place your bet, because you'll get better odds.

But if you're looking to bet on the favorite, it will usually benefit you to put the bet out as soon as you can.

Where to bet on MMA fights?

Most people's neighborhood bookie won't be taking bets on UFC fights - And if they are, they'll job you with some ugly odds.

The safest place to bet on MMA fights is at a reputable online sportsbook.  There are quite a few sportsbooks accepting US players.  They also happen to be the most legit operations and are run like Fortune 500 companies rather than shady bookie joints.

Some of these sportsbooks include

Most of these sites you can just deposit $50 and make a few bets for fun.  Even having $10 on a fight adds a lot of excitement to your fight nights.

If you want more info about betting on MMA fights, check out  We also have info on boxing odds and mma odds  which have updated odds for every fight!

You can also find the best betting sites or get free sports betting tips from my buddy Kevin's site.